Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What We Love Wednesdays - How I Met Your Mother!!

Hello, and welcome to our first WWLW of 2012!!

As you all know by now, we came home from Moscow on New Years Day. We then vegged out for 1.5 days (until we sadly had to go back to work yesterday) and watched a marathon of one of our favourite shows (and the topic of this week's post) - How I Met Your Mother.

Our generation's 'Friends' is probably a good description of the show, if you haven't seen it. Based on 5 friends (3 of them  met in college the other 2 joined later) in New York. The cast is brilliant....Alyson Hannigan & Jason Segel play the very in love Lily & Marshall - the couple who we are most like, and aspire to be, complete with quirks, silly rules and inside-jokes. Robin, the (amazing) eternally single girl from Canada (ay?) who you can't help but root for, Barney (NPH) (who completely makes the show for us), king of the one-liners, player-extraordinaire and just awesome. We LOVE Neil Patrick Harris in everything he's done. And then finally the ever romantic Ted - the show is actually set in 2030  and from his point of view- he's telling his kids 'how he met their mother'!

Now we're not saying this show is representative of our life, we don't live above a bar, we don't have a tight group of friends or hang out at their flats all the time, but we find almost every episode relatable. Some of our favourite things we reference in everyday life from the show are below:
  • Interventions: the only way to save you friends or loved ones from the things they are 'addicted' to or shouldn't be doing. For example creating unnecessary powerpoints to demonstrate everything (Laura!), and extreme over-use of the word 'shocking' (Sarah). In the show they've had more interventions that we can list but here's a few of our favs:

  • 'Lawyered': used when you have successfully argued your point with reason, example and fact!
  • 'Woo girls': a description used to describe girls that seem to be having the 'best time ever' (they 'WOO!' at everything ie. 'I LOVE this song! WOO!' etc.) but in fact if you look closer they are normally 'WOO-ing' because whatever they are WOO-ing at is the best thing in their life at that moment - they are missing love, fulfillment, someone to care for etc. 
  • 'Oh, Honey': an entire episode featuring Katy Perry as a somewhat naive hottie who buys every line Barney feeds her to the point where you can't help but say 'oh, honey'. Frequently referenced in our life when one of us misses the point or is being a little 'blonde'.
  • 'Bang, bang, bangady bang' song: hard to explain so we will do so through the medium of video! Let's just say when you or your friend has 'gotten lucky' this is the perfect way to let everyone know.
  • 'Legen.....wait for it....DARY!': a simple, yet effective way to describe an act or a story.
  • Law of love and marriage: the moment that you decide you have given up on 'love & all that stuff' it'll happen- you'll meet your one (and be married 6 months later!).
  • Having people 'On The Hook': an expression used to describe someone you are keeping as 'back-up' in case your current relationship fizzles. Little known fact, when Laura and Sarah got together, Laura's 'on the hook' list was at 5....*cough cough*, Sarah's was at 0! (Of course, now neither of them have anyone hooked besides the other hahaha)
The reason we love this show is that for 6 seasons (we don't have the 7th season in the UK yet boo!) we have watched and laughed at EVERY episode - and it's universal. Our parents have it watched and laughed, our siblings have watched it and laughed and if you haven't seen it you should watch it...and hopefully laugh! we're clearly not alone in loving it as its 8th season has recently been confirmed! Yay!

Another reason we love it, and that its comparable to Friends, is because you can watch any episode in any order and it is still funny - it's not one of those shows that you get really confused at if you miss a few episodes or switch on to an older episode.

It's also had cameos from a whole bunch of famous people that you can't help but love....Britney, J-Lo, Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger (OK we don't love her), Katie Holmes, Maury Povich (the US's Jeremy Kyle), Alex Trebeck (Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?), Bob Barker (The Price Is Right), Sarah Chalke (Elliot in Scrubs), Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Cameron in House), Laura Prepon (Donna from That 70's Show), Rachel Bilson, Martin Short, John Lithgow, Enrique Iglesias and Kyle MacLachlan (Desperate Housewives) from SO many great shows!

We're not sure if we should admit this but this blog has actually been one of the most fun to write, mainly because we couldn't decide what youtube clips to use, so we got to watch a TON of them! Seriously, we got distracted by blooper reels and so many AMAZING songs (we also LOVE musicals!)! We leave you with one of our all time favourites....

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Love always (and UP TOP!!), Sarah & Laura xoxo


  1. Hey! I was linked back to your blog from the 20 Bloggers email you sent and I love it! Particularly the fact that you guys love How I Met Your Mother! One of the best shows on TV! My cohort, Alli, might disagree, but I sure love it. Excited to see what you ladies have in store! If you get a chance, check us out at



  2. I actually have never sat down to properly watch this show... I KNOW! Whit loves it.. my sister loves it & always has it on so I catch bits here & there. I actually saw some of when Nicole Scherzinger was in it.. how do you not love her? She's so hot! You've made me want to watch this show now tho haha :)

    M x


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