Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The EGGcellent Mission Continued.....

Egg Mission Part 2:

For Mission Part 1 check here!!!

After a successful start to the Egg Hunt, Agent Sarah and Agent Laura had to keep up the hard work - and so on a sunny Saturday we hit the streets of London. Destination = Carnaby Street & Mayfair! If you've ever been to London on a Saturday you will know that Oxford Street is JAM PACKED and not for the faint-hearted, so on arrival we headed straight for Carnaby Street and set off in search for eggs!

Carnaby Street made headlines back in the 60's for being the centre of all things mod and the British Invasion - nowadays it's full of fashion boutiques and quirky shops - including David & Goliath- home of cute clothes and great phrases like our fav - 'Nerdvana'! Oh and of course right now you can find eggs - some hanging, all hidden and having fun. Our first egg was Sarah's favourite egg of the day 'The Post Box'! And did we mention we spotted Christian Siriano, Laura's all-time favourite contestant on Project Runway! Laura kind of freaked out about it.

Hanging out just outside Carnaby Street was Laura's favourite egg of the day - 'My Generation' with lyrics from The Who song....nice placement, as there are 'The Who' references everywhere in this area! We had the song stuck in our heads for the rest of the day...

The back streets are where you will find the unexpected side to London - the extravagant hotels are nestled quietly only a few streets away from the hustle and bustle. There are sculptures and fountains, boutiques and amazing architecture - just watch where you step, as you don't want to bump into the Bentleys or Rolls Royces!

There are SO many lovely parks in the middle of London! We chose Berkeley Square Garden to sit and catch our breath and enjoy the sun and tick off 4 eggs from our list!
From one park to another, the next stop was Grosvenor Gardens - Laura hung out by the American Embassy while Sarah ran to Hyde Park, got stranded in the middle of a roundabout and returned without any additional eggs :( Hydeparkfail.

After the brief respite, the next stop was Selfridges - again not the best idea on a Saturday - but as there were 8 eggs hidden around in there we held our breath and cracked on ;) riding the escalators to the 4th floor and back!

And then to China Town - Mission Part 1 may have had TGI's but Mission Part 2 had yummy Chinese - oh yes, after 4 miles of walking it seemed only right that we rested our weary feet - and where better than our favourite Chinese restaurant - Canton!

To finish the Mission Part 2 we headed back to Covent Garden and found a new shopping area had opened up that linked Leicester Square to Covent Garden - St Martin's Courtyard - and it just happened to have 2 eggs - yay! Our second favourite egg of the day was also in residence around here - Busby!

Once in Covent Garden we enjoyed a musical performance and did a bit of window shopping that somehow ended in us getting a LARGE cupcake doorstop *cough cough Laura*, and of course meant we could finish our egg collecting for the day.
Can you spot us in this line-up?
Mission part 2: 59 Eggs collected!
Top 3 Fav Eggs:
Post Box
My Generation

And to finish the AlphaEgg - with a London theme!


  1. Looks like a fab day out, I love the first egg :)
    S xx

  2. The eggs are all beautiful, and the egg-hunt had the added bonus of giving you exercise! Love it! xxxx


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