Tuesday, 6 March 2012

We are on an EGGcellent mission!

In a world full of short skirts and drunken men, there were two girls clad in warm clothes and hardcore walkin' shoes, navigating the chaotic streets of Saturday night in London on a mission. That mission was to track down and photograph as many of the 200 eggs in the FABERGE BIG EGG HUNT as possible!

She's a dreamer
Why this and why now? Simple - it's coming up to Easter, and...because we can.

'Egg hog' - its a hibernating hedgehog!!
So here's the concept:

"This Easter, get ready for the most eggstraordinary event in the history of London – The Big Egg Hunt! There are over 200 very special eggs hidden across the streets of the capital, and now the hunt is on. How many can you find? You’ll have to look hard though – some of them are hidden in eggsceptional places!
The magnificent eggs have been created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers. You can grab  12 zone maps and get searching, and the more eggs you find, the more chance you stand of winning a fabulous prize: The Diamond Jubilee Egg! There's also the chance to be the proud owner of one of the unique pieces of art through the eggsclusive auctions, and there’s lots of great egg goodies to buy at The Big Egg Shop at Selfridges."

And so to the mission Part 1.....Agent Sarah and Agent Laura packed up the camera and the mobile phones and took to the London transport network, first by bus and then by tube...destination: PICCADILLY CIRCUS!

What we think we look like - bad-ass secret agents!
En route we had our eyes open, scanning shop windows and pavements to see if we could spot our first egg of the night! Agent Laura was first of the mark - in the National Geographic store was 'Polar Bear Ballet'! Then the 'Rooster Weather Vane' located in the street - spotted from the bus into the West End, at Knightsbridge.

That is genius bus photography!
The clock was ticking, and the next egg had to be 'Where's Wally?' (as he moves every few hours, fittingly) - following clues on Twitter, we tracked him down to Europe's largest bookstore - Waterstone's at Piccadilly- and found him hanging out with the 'Where's Wally?' books! Or, if you're American, 'Where's Waldo?' (What kind of a name is Waldo?!?!) <--- it's a really good name, thanks Sarah!

We then hit Piccadilly, and the shops & arcades to bring our total to 10!

Don't mind us mate, just keep rollin' your cigs and ruining our photo...
This hunt took observation skills- and took us into parts of London we hadn't wandered into previously. Our reward was a list of new places we need to go back and eat/shop at - oh and more EGGS! In one alley we came across the beautiful egg cage, cleverly disguised in the window display!

After an hour or so of searching, the Agent team needed a refuel - and where better than nestled among the scantily clad youth in TGIFridays! 
In TGIFs waiting for literally the best burger Laura's ever eaten in her life. Seriously.
And then back to the mission! Focused and determined, Trafalgar Square was the next destination - seriously, the stuff we've ended up doing at Trafalgar Square is so random! With Pall Mall in the background, and the Olympic clock counting down, we found another 2 eggs.
Eggs around Covent Garden!
Here's the great thing about central London - everything is walkable! So, from Trafalgar we strolled to Covent Garden, weaving in and out of police vans, and Agent Laura tried to pull a new bird!
Damn, girl, you're a hoot! Get it?
At Covent Garden, DISASTER struck! Technology started failing due to lack of preparation/charging, the eggs where shrouded in darkness and time was against us....AGENT FAIL!! We tried to quickly get around to the eggs hidden in the area but after photographing Agent Sarah's favourite egg of the night, it was LIGHTS OUT, ALL OUT! (Take Me Out reference? UK?)
Wow, there's no easy way of saying this... that egg looks like a hairy ball.
Mission part 1: 25 Eggs collected!
Top 3 Fav Eggs:
WOL the Owl
Gregg the Hairy Prehistoric Egg
Oooof (the egg that landed from space!)

The challenge: 209 eggs to collect around London!! The Agents don't for a second think we can collect all of them, but we aim to get halfway - 105 eggs! Lets see if we do it!!

Too many eggs, too many many eggs

What is your fav egg we found?? Check back for updates on our eggcellent goal!! Heehee.
Lots of love and happy hunting!
Sarah & Laura xo

See part two of the mission here!!!


  1. What a neat idea!

    I love the Owl egg. Good luck in your search! :)

  2. Eggcellent! :D I love the bird cage egg and the black and white one. Will look forward to seeing the rest, but you may want to warn people on Facebook about the updates they will receive when you two are out hunting again! ;D xxxx

  3. Love the blue egg with the leaves, even if that guy is hogging the photo lol
    S xx

  4. Absoloutelyyyy loved this haha! I cracked up at the pics of you as agents! Looks like so much fun!! :)

    Good luck to find the rest! Maybe Whit will be over in time to join you in a hunt :)

    M xx

  5. What adorable eggs! I've never seen anything like it!


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