Sunday, 9 February 2014

Happy Weekend, we got featured!

Hi All,

We hope you are having wonderful weekends wherever you are in the world. Our weekend has been in Birmingham in our house, we fall in love with it again every time we open the door and other than a scoping trip to Next Home and a health food trip to Whole Foods we haven't left the house, perfect!

The chill time has allowed us to discover The Fosters though - OMG how great is that show! Episode 10 especially brought up a lot of emotions that we can relate to right now! The excitement of the wedding, the love we can't wait to share with our friends and family who can make it and the difficulty of accepting that not everyone is willing to see gay marriage the same way we do - an equal right!

In other news we were asked by the lovely Taylor and Alex, a long distance lesbian couple over at to answer a few questions about us, our relationship and our up and coming wedding in their Inspiring Individuals section so if you have he time check it out here:

We thought we leave you with advert we spotted from Chevrolet, you may have see out tweet about it earlier this week, love it:

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