Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why We Work

We work because Sarah makes me laugh more than anyone else I know.

We work because we both have strong opinions, and both of our inability to back down leads to huge blow outs over something obscure, or on better days to obscurely intellectual arguments that make us feel super grown up.

We work because she likes crispy fries, and I like soft ones.

We work because we surprise each other with notes and little presents - to remind each other of how much we're loved.

We work because Sarah will eat the yellow/orange/green sweets in a bag for me, and not get mad when I take all the reds and purples.

Likewise, we work because I have come to terms with Sarah's high speed of eating; I know that when we share, I'll never quite get half.

We work because even when I'm mad at her, I'm planning our next anniversary/holiday/birthday, and because I somehow feel guilty for being mad because I know she didn't mean to upset me.

We work because Sarah will apologise for pretty much anything, to get back to hand holding and cuddling.

We work because I'm a dreamer, and she's my realist.

We work because if something is really important to us, we make it happen, no matter what.

We work because if I'm on a diet, she'll go out of her way to help me on it - even if that means trying new things, or eating foods she doesn't really like.

We work because in getting these photos out, I realised I have a ton of photos of Sarah with oversized food. I count this as a win.

We work because I give full massages upon request; and because she's much better at curling my hair than I am.

We work because she almost kills me most mornings in the way to work - but I still would trust her with my life in an instant.

We work because we work - at communication, at focusing on the other's love languages, on laughing every day, and making the most of even the most mundane of days.

We work because I can't picture any great thing - trips, experiences, friendships - without her by my side, experiencing it right along with me.

Happy (early) Valentine's Day, Sarah Bearah xx


  1. This is so beautiful... my gosh, you can make cry sometimes... When I first read your blog... I could tell you two were special and you keep on proving it to me ... :)


    But really, I'm happy for your love. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Beautiful post.
    Love how you are so opposite but fit together perfect... Like jigsaw pieces. It's made me think how Natasha & I work... We are the same with the chips/fries(I like crunchy & she likes soft) N always gives me her egg yolk & she has my bacon fat, N is foodie mad & I eat because I have to survive (much more willing to try now than before)
    It really is true that opposites attract :)


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