Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Smith Family Take On Deloitte Ride Across Britain!

If you follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you may have seen some strange photos from the last weekend. Laura and I spent this last weekend apart, and even though it was the longest we have been separated it was for a good cause - Deloitte Ride Across Britain!

Laura works at a Sports Event company and has for some time now - each September they hold their biggest event, Deloitte Ride Across Britain (or RAB) except this year it's different - our very our Bob Smith (Laura's Dad) is one of the 800+ riders!

Bob Smith, coming into Bath - stage 2
Anyone who knows us or Bob has become interested in the journey he's currently making from Land's End to John O'Groats. And that is where Laura headed off to on Thursday - Land's End, her role was less cycling and more organisation. As part of the Threshold team my lovely wife was hauling chairs and tables and chalkboards around, putting people in tents and generally making sure things were running smoothly!

Picture from Threshold Sports Flickr Account
This event is run with military precision and management, from an outsider perspective I am fascinated.

Picture from ThresholdSport Flikr Account
Each night there will be a one-man tent set up for every single rider and crew by the event team, they will be offered 4 choices for dinner and delicious desserts - seriously in Laura's time away she's had beef bourginon, mac and cheese, chicken curry, sausage and mash and other delicious sounding things. This is not burger van catering - it sounds likes glamping rather than camping!

Then there the crew of masseurs and medics, bike maintenance guys and security, there are pit stops along the way (where Laura's Mum is helping out - that's right, it's a Smith family affair!) that are put up and taken down each day, and all the while the 800+ cyclists are making their way up the country at 100 odd miles a day. It is a serious feat for all involved!

I was lucky enough to get Laura back after she had got everyone started and on their way, her role of Office Manager makes her a needed resource in the office but she'll be heading up to Scotland to cover the last 3 days at the end of the week.

Her parents, however, will have done the whole journey - one by bike and one in a support car. I know who I'd rather be! :) and we will be waiting for updates and updating Twitter etc. when we have news. In the meantime I am getting inspiration for where Laura and I can go when we drive across Britain, that way we can take pictures and enjoy the ride!

Picture from Threshold Sport Flikr Account

Check this out for a taster of what's going on  http://vimeo.com/85832340

This has been the journey so far but for more info check out the site

The little cyclist at the bottom of the pictures shows you the inclines and difficulties the riders will experience! It's amazing right?!

Go Bob Go! We can't wait to see you at the end!

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