Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Evolution Of Our Cars!

I can't believe the information included in this post! I say that because I didn't think it would ever happen.....we got a new car and I mean NEW NEW car. So this post may not be on our usual topics but in recent weeks cars have been a constant topic of conversation and it is amazing how many cars I've been through! And as my memory is already fading I thought I would jot down the evolution of my cars!

Now we don't own the car out right it's on a lease deal with the option to buy at the end but however you dress it up we drove off the forecourt with 7 miles on the clock! Uh-mazing!

This wasn't a snap decision. Since I learnt to drive at the grand old age of 20 I have always had second hand cars. It started because I won a placement at WH Smiths (stationery chain in the UK)for my third year at Uni, I did Retail Management and my placement was as a Buyer, the only challenge was I lived in Reading and my job was in Swindon some 40 miles away! With trains costing over £100 a week I needed to learn to drive. And quickly!

In fact I had to learn to drive in a week as I had started my placement almost immediately after my last exam. And then there was the whole needing a car and the only one I could afford was a very old second hand one that looked like this:

And she was named Elcie, the number plate picked the name - and she was an old dear :)

When Elcie had been driven to the point of no return I upgraded to a slighter newer polo, my favourite of all cars until now! This one was racer green and I drove this car for ages! Even when I got given a company car I couldn't wait to get back to my polo, it was so quick and easy to drive. Plus it was kinda cute:

He's name was Phu! Again because of the number plate!

I gave Phu up when we moved to Australia where we shared ownership of Paulo, a car we bought off our bridesmaid Kate's little brother! This car was definitely the car that created stories - I ran out off petrol, I got pulled over by the police for going too slow - not intentionally, we were going uphill and the poor car didn't quite have enough power :(

I was so shocked we were actually able to sale Paulo at the end of our year out there!

On arrival back in the UK my parents kindly lent us money to get another second hand car. The plan was to have a back up car while we lived in London so we opted for a Corsa! It was also an automatic for the first time ever! Except that car lasted all of 6 months before kapputting!

Once again my parents saved the day and I bought my Dad's car - a toyota corolla! It was so laid back (seating wise) and long, it was almost like a boat so we named him Captain!

Then we broke Captain by doing our Reading to London to Birmingham drives, the poor old car just got worn out! So just before Christmas we had to find some budget to get a car that could do the miles and we got Jagger! Named because although he was old he could still shift - or he could move like Jagger!

Then about a month ago the exhaust blew on Jagger after 22,000 miles in 9 months :( We were devastated! The car is our life right now - we are still doing the Reading - London - Birmingham mile sand without a car we are reliant on expensive trains - nightmare!

And so to the Toyota garage we went! Voted the Best Car for 11 years running and with loads of positive reviews from friends and family we fell in love with the new Toyota Yaris Icon! So our newest car is Elsa! This time because she's a beautiful blue - the colour we associate with the Frozen film.

Laura on the other hand was lucky enough to get a brand new car on her 16th Birthday and ever since we've been together she has told me how amazing driving a new car is and since getting Elsa I understand exactly what she meant. I have never had so much fun driving, it is making the long drives so much easier and it is far more economical than Jagger, so yay!


  1. Congratulations on your first new car... enjoy it... you deserve it :)

  2. Wow what a great read. It great to see how the cars have evolved in your family over the years. Also congratulations on your new car purchase, I hope she brings you a lot of joy and happiness in the future. My wife also recently got a new care and she loves it. Its a small hatch back. Thank you.

    Cedrick @ Viva Chrysler Dodge Jeep


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