Monday, 13 July 2015

Sarah's Birthday!!!

Happiest of Happy Birthdays to my beautiful wife today!! This little lady is the biggest joy in my life, and I spend every birthday planning details months in advance - all with the hope of showing her, even more than usual, how much she means to me.

When this post posts on Monday, we will have been in France all weekend for a beach getaway! She said to me that all she wanted for her 32nd is to be with me and Bisbee. So I thought, instead of taking her somewhere in the UK so Bis could be with us, why not get our four legged future jet-setter a passport, and a little beret!

So off to a little town in France we have gone, to drink champagne and eat our weight in pastries. There is a dog friendly beach so we are hoping to get Bisbee in the water for the first time ever!! We will be going in with her just in case.

We will give you the full run down upon our return, but we are so excited to spend some quality time together - on our first holiday 'just us' since last October, my birthday to Amsterdam!

My love, this is my 7th time celebrating the day you were born, and its amazing how much changes in our lives each year, and how much my adoration of you grows. This year is your first with the little fur-babe you've always wanted, who I'm sure will make your day extra special.

Hope you are enjoying your big day my girl!!

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