Friday, 10 July 2015

It's my birthday (almost)!!!!!

So I have just finished work and as with all good things I like to keep track of lives more exciting moments on the blog!

I have to wait till Laura finishes at 2 to really get the party started but i'm going to get in the mood with some packing - the reason......a SURPRISE birthday vacation.

I know that it involves passports - for Laura and I and BISBEE - that's right the puppy is coming too. My only birthday request was to spend it with Laura and the puppy and she has figured out a way to make that happen and take me away #awesomewife!

My birthday isn't until Monday but i'm never going to turn down a whole weekend of celebrating - i'm so frigging excited!!!!

Things I know:

  • We are leaving the UK
  • We are driving - and getting a train (EuroTunnel I presume as I am driving the other side) #roadtrip
  • It's probably in France (logistically logical)
  • It's hotter than here
  • We aren't back home till Monday night (whoop day off work)
  • I have the best wife and whatever we are doing is amazing because it's with her
  • I'll be a year older when we next update the blog

Oh and I also found out last night we are off the grid - we are wifi free - we are staying somewhere without the ability to instagram / tweet / update our statuses so expect a flurry on Monday when we are back :)

Enjoy your weekends, I am going to turn the music up and get this weekend started!


  1. Have a wonderful birthday surprise getaway Sarah!:Love you! xxx

  2. Happy Birthday and enjoy being off the grid... I'm sure you'll have lots of fun xox ♡


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