Monday, 5 June 2017

For the love of dog!

Have you ever seen this:

When we first watched this we had just got Bisbee and we chuckled. We thought Raj was extreme and that we would never be like that. Oh how wrong we were!

Here's the thing, dog advice articles often talk about how you should talk to your dog, it's good for them.

In fact this article says there are 5 main reasons you should talk to your dog, the main one being:
'While there are many ways to relate to your dog, and not everyone is a chatterbox, in general, people who talk to their dogs tend to show other signs of being closely bonded with their dog'

And it's good for you - in fact people who talk to their dog have a higher level of intelligence and creativity. Check it out here.

Anyway back to the video. So Bisbee is almost 2 and a half and it is official you can play 'Bisbee or Laura'. I don't know how it happened, maybe it's because I work from home, maybe it's because Bisbee is super cute, either way I catch myself saying things that I possibly should keep for Laura.

To give you an idea:
'You're so beautiful'
'You're so clever'
'You're such a grown up, independent lady'
'Shall we snuggle here and chill out - just the two of us'
'You have such a cutey-pa-tootie, you are one fine assed dog'
'You're so soft and cuddly'
'OMG your belly is so soft let me give it kisses'

Here's the thing - i'm not the only one! Laura is exactly the same. I think that makes me feel better. It turns out this dog is just easy to love. 

I mean look at here:

And here;

And here:

And here:

How can you not gush over her.....all the time :)


  1. Your pooch is really cute! I'm always talking to both my dog and my cat. I get so much pleasure out of looking after them, and they're always looking for cuddles!

    1. Awww that's so lovely to hear. Having a dog (and I'm sure cat) is so rewarding :)

  2. What an adorable dog! I'm so glad to hear that talking to my dog means I'm smart and creative. That's good.

    1. Thank you Angela, we are pretty in love with her:) Happy to hear you're smart and creative too!

  3. I do this with mine, too... I've got two greyhounds (perpetual toddlers, such fun!) so I'll find myself looking into big brown eyes and saying things like, "Do you wanna just snuggle on the couch today?" or "I feel like I've been neglecting you... do we need some quality time?" I tell the Big Good Boy, "You know what my favorite thing about you is? How you've made it your mission in live to spread love. I really admire that about you."

    1. That's so cute - spreading love is admirable for sure :) Greyhounds are amazing dogs I'm sure they are easy to love


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