Sunday, 16 October 2011

Laura Turns 23!! Yay!!

October 6th, 2011was my 23rd birthday. It was so amazing, such a great couple of days.

On the 5th, after work, Sarah told me we had to go see her sister in central London to pick something up. I didn't really want to go, but tagged along anyway. We passed the entrance to the musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Sarah went into the box office! It turned out we weren't going to see the sister at all, but Sarah had surprised me with 2nd row tickets to my favorite musical! I was so excited and surprised- I didn't see it coming at all!! 
As usual Priscilla was AMAZING!!!!!! I teared up at the beginning because I was so excited, and sang along the whole way through. Sarah caught me a pink ping pong ball from one of the scenes, and we bought a programme to commemorate the occasion. We went around the stage door after the show and got to meet the cast, including Sarah's childhood crush from the Aussie show Neighbors, Alf from another Aussie show Home and Away, and my favorite character in the show, Adam/Felicia. It was so amazing and I was so lucky!!!

The next morning (the morning of my birthday!!) Sarah woke me up with McD's breakfast, and drove me out to Windsor to get my hair highlighted and cut at a Toni and Guy salon. It was such a luxurious experience and while I was getting it done, Sarah saw (and said hi to) Rhys Ifans from Notting Hill and The Boat That Rocked at M&S!! 
My haircut! I'm blonde again!
From there, we went to Borough Market, and I got to buy all the yummy things there that I'm not usually allowed to get because they are too expensive! We had a delicious sausage butty for lunch.
Mountain Sausage Salami! x3!!
Afterwards, we visited the new big M&M store in Leicester Square and took a ton of photos. I felt like Sarah was stalling, and I soon found out why- she'd organized a little surprise party at TGI Fridays for me! Mel and Doug, who were visiting from Australia, were there, and Gabi, my Hungarian friend from when I first moved to London (my black man hunting days, according to Sarah). We had a lovely dinner, and I got to open all my presents! As if today wasn't enough!

Watch out, Orange!!
Abbey Road- M&M Style!
From Gabi, I received some makeup in a cute little leopard print makeup bag! I love them! 

My parents gave me some GORGEOUS earrings, a little pink iPod (with twice the space as my old iPod- a necessity) and a lovely new handbag! Also, they sent a personalised bottle of Rose wine, my favourite, to commemorate my birthday! And a hilarious musical card with a bartender's arm shaking!

Sarah gave me an engraved jewelry box with 'To Laura, with all my love, Sarah xx' on it and a butterfly- it is so beautiful! Inside she also put two lovely pairs of earrings and an Oyster holder to replace the one that got stolen when my parents were here! She also decorated a cake, which was sweet but unfortunately got a bit battered about during our day out.
Lovely prezzies from Sarah!
Birthday cake!
I of course got lots of lovely cards from family too- thank you to everyone who sent me one!

My party!
It was an incredible day, and I feel so lucky- thanks especially to the incredible Sarah, who I'm so lucky to have, and my wonderful parents- I couldn't be more grateful for all you do for me!
My birthday loot!
23 not 25!!


  1. Um ok girls, where do you live? My home town is.. WINDSOR! Did you know that already? lol. Awesome surprise! Never seen that musical but really want to. Love that you're an American & British couple too!

    M x

  2. Hey Megan! How awesome you're from Windsor- do you live there when you are back in the UK or up in London? I love that area- my Nan lives in Englefield Green so Sarah and I take her up to the castle sometimes. We live in Fulham, right on the river! Sarah is from Reading and I'm from Idaho! And btw I'm really jealous you are in the USA right now- I don't get to go home again until next Christmas! ~Laura xo

  3. Yeah I live there when I'm back in the UK. Grew up there and lived in Cardiff, Wales for 6 years before moving back home. Then Whit & I will get our own place near/in London next year hopefully! I have family in Englefield Green too!!!

    M x


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