Monday, 31 October 2011

Our Rocky Horror Halloween!

Ahh, it's Halloween - and that means one thing to us....time for our night out at the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' in a 75 year old cinema just off Leicester Square! For Rocky Horror virgins the following post may well be lost on you, but we suggest you make some time to watch the film and bring yourself up to speed on exactly why it has gained such cult status. :)
We love love LOVE RHPS!
In front of the screen - in Prince Charles Cinema!
For those of you RHPS vets, well you probably have a similar ritual to us - around Halloween you gather in a cinema/theatre dressed as your favourite character from the film (or just in lingerie, because you can get away with it there) and sing/yell your heart out at the screen with a couple hundred others! 
Love and white face paint <3
Laura in her Primark corset (who knew they did corsets in Primark!?)
Preparation started out 3 hours prior to leaving the house - it's amazing how long it takes to put, well, not a lot on! With a screen shot of the 'Don't Dream It, Be It' scene on the laptop, the transformation took place...first, the curlers and hairspray came out for big 80s style hair, then we strapped into the corset and tights, followed by an abundance of white face paint and black eyeliner, and finished with red tinsel eyelashes and feather boas... we were FINALLY ready to 'give ourselves over to absolute pleasure' - a night at sing-a-long-a Rocky Horror!
Sexy Sarah!
When we arrived, we lined-up with everyone in full costume in front of the screen for a costume contest, where the winners received copies of the RHPS DVD (sadly we missed out- but then, who can compete with a man in a corset & suspenders?!).
Sarah pondering her alleged discretions..
Confused about this English spelling of 'Asshole'
The MC gave us a dance lesson (though what tried and true Rocky fan doesn't know the steps to the Time Warp?), the film began and everyone settled-in, complete with 'party bags' full of the essentials - a newspaper (for the scene where the car breaks down), a rubber glove (to play along during Rocky's creation), a party popper (for the sex scene), some cards that relate to certain cast members - Janet = SLUT, Brad= ARSEHOLE, Scotty Dog with a stethoscope = DR SCOTT, a rock and the letter E = ROCKY (for the discovery scene) and a tissue (for the sad goodbye at the end). To explain, whenever Janet's name is mentioned, everyone yells 'slut' and Brad 'arsehole' - its all very loving and friendly, but it's a good time!
Highlights of the night include being in a cinema with EVERYONE doing the timewarp, heckling the screen and being dressed in wholly inappropriate attire. We also love the fact that in London you can get a bus, tube and walk through Leicester Square dressed in underwear (well sort of) and get very few remarks - other than 'nice', 'sexy' and 'great boobs' (no guesses who that one was aimed at! :)) Laura says that is testament to what English girls wear on nights out!
Trying not to get rained on during 'There's a Light'
Laura's owned the Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD for years now, and has gone to a show every Halloween she's been able to find a performance/cinema. She took Sarah for the first time a few years ago, and we are happy to report this year's show was FANTASTIC and up to the usual high standards!!
Dr. Frank N Furter's motto - we try to live by!
Halloween's not over, y'all - we recommend you find a showing NEAR YOU!!!

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  1. Excellent - sounds like you had an awesome time! Love youz! :D


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