Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What We Love Wednesdays!! For The Love of Diet Coke

If there is one thing we know a lot about, it's brand loyalty. If you know us, or as you do get to know us through our posts, you'll discover that we are very loyal and passionate towards the things/people/brands we love. And so we come to today's WWLW topic, the one that started it all for Laura and Sarah - Coca Cola, or more specifically, Diet Coke. 

Ohhhh, YEAH!
My (Laura's) love affair with all things DC (yeah, we love it so much we have a pet name for it) began as a child in Idaho, the land of 80 cans for $10 (£7ish). (AMAZING, right?). My Mum, me and my brother used to drink it so much we installed a can crusher in our house just to make room in the recycling bin for all our cans. Sarah's mum apparently used to drink it all the time until she was pregnant with Sarah, when she stopped and now doesn't drink it anymore - obviously she passed her love of it onto Sarah instead.
We love it in cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, 2 liter bottles, and mini cans. What do we love about Diet Coke? I'm not sure we have time to write all the reasons out (How do I love thee? Let me count the ways), but we'll try.

We love the taste. Don't whine 'it doesn't taste like Coke' at us - because this is a selling point! Diet Coke doesn't need to taste like Fatboy Coke - it's ALWAYS more refreshing, and tastes less like syrupy sugar.

We love the caffeine / bubbles. The bubbles make your nice cold can of DC last longer, and the caffeine makes long work days just that much better. It also gives you a lift halfway through a night dancing, or helps you survive long tube journeys during peak hour. 

We love the fact that Diet Coke doesn't stain when you spill it. At least, in our experience (Laura is very clumsy), it always comes out.

We love the brand colours - red and silver! Over the years we have bought a LOT of DC SWAG, because we love it, but also because it's all so pretty! We have the below limited edition bottles by Karl Lagerfield in our flat!

We love the history - I suppose this is more Coca Cola, as Diet Coke has only been out since 1982, but we go gaga over the old advertisements, the classic Santa that comes out around Christmas time (Did you know that Coca Cola were the first to give Santa Claus a red coat and hat? Before that, he was dressed in green!), the classic coke bottles, everything.
Jolly old Santa, thanks to Coke!
Santa, you're looking a little green!
We love that they give back. Coca Cola, and Diet Coke, raise money pretty consistently for different charities - Diet Coke specifically raises money for 'The Heart Truth', in support of women's heart health. They also give us, the consumer, lots of great freebies!

We love that its such a well known worldwide brand. Since being together, we have sampled Diet Coke (or Coca Light) in six different countries (USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, and Italy - and we will soon try it in Russia!). Though they taste noticeably different to the DC connoisseur's palette, we trust the brand and are happy that we can guarantee they will have Diet Coke in most countries we travel to. This is important when you travel as much as we do.

How much do we love it? Laura and Sarah have driven 11 hours from Idaho to Las Vegas, where we revelled in the magical place that is the Coca Cola store. We met the Coca Cola polar bear, and bought some great DC stuff! When we lived in Sydney last year, our biggest expense besides rent and car petrol was Diet Coke, hands down. There, $13 for 24 cans was the best deal we could get. Yikes! When we spent 10 days in a campervan travelling the South Island of New Zealand, we lived on eggs and spaghetti-O's - and as much Diet Coke as we could afford from not buying real food. We judge restaurants on whether they serve Coke or Pepsi, and are less likely to LOVE a restaurant that serves Pepsi (Nandos, last week's WWLW (which you can view HERE), serves Coca Cola, of course). Similarly, we find that we tend to like the company of fellow DC lovers. Perhaps it's the common interest, but they are great people.

Getting eaten by the Coca Cola polar bear in Vegas!
In fact, we love it SO much that we dedicated our 2nd ever WWLW to it - and we are drinking DC while writing this. 
If you didn't think we were obsessed before, it's a sure bet you do now. 

And we're willing to bet our last can you are going to go get a Diet Coke now that you've read this! 


  1. Very good! One day you should put all your blogs into a book! :D Love youz!

  2. Even though I work for PepsiCo, I loved this post. You two are loyal "brandistas!" And completely adorable


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