Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's Britney, Bitch!

Britney did it again! She put on another great show! This time it was the Femme Fatale tour and we saw it at Wembley Arena on Monday the 31st October 2011 (Halloween!).
Britney and I (Sarah) go back a long way - in fact I first saw Britney 11 years ago on her Oops I Did It Again tour- and again at Wembley Arena! Last night was the 5th time I had seen a Britney show and a 2nd time for Laura- in fact I haven't missed a tour yet:

I won't go in to great detail about the past shows but I will say Britney knows how to put on a show - from amazing sets, pre-show videos, ridiculously good backing dancers to set lists that include all the songs you love and a few remixes and covers! I have no doubt that any Britney show we see we will enjoy - who can resist singing along with Baby One More Time, Toxic, Boys and I'm A Slave 4 U? - Not us!
Last night Britney was supported by Joe Jonas - a treat for Laura as she has a bit of a Jonas Bro's crush (Laura interjection: a bit of a crush? You mean unhealthy love! ;D ) - it just made me feel old! The first Britney tour I saw Aaron Carter when he was 13 - he's all grown up now (and on a separate note, looks too much like his brother now)! To give Joe Jonas credit he performs like a pro. With his Disney dance moves and catchy pop songs he was a good act to get the crowd going - especially when he covered 'Beautiful People' and threw roses into the audience - talk about a little heartbreaker!
The hottest Jonai!

But back to the lady of the night....the set list was better than expected (and I say that because her new album lacked classic Britney and was more 'dance' than expected). Having said that seeing Britney perform some of the newer tracks live (Big Fat Bass - with Will I Am, Drop Dead Beautiful and Till The World Ends- with Nicki Minaj) did have us enjoying the new Britney music in way we hadn't appreciated just listening to the album.

B & Will I Am
Britney Spears “Femme Fatale” Tour Set List

1. Hold It Against Me

2. Up N’ Down

3. 3

4. Piece of Me

5. Big Fat Bass

6. How I Roll
7. Lace and Leather

8. If U Seek Amy

9. Gimme More

10. (Drop Dead) Beautiful (feat. Sabi)
11. He About To Lose Me

12. Boys (Remix)

13. Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know

14. Baby One More Time

15. S&M
(Rihanna cover)
16. Trouble For Me

17. I’m A Slave 4 U

18. Burning Up (Madonna cover)

19. I Wanna Go

20. Womanizer

21. Toxic

22. Till The World Ends
Enjoying the concert- with the creepy guy behind us- we couldn't figure out why he was there!
Bang, bang!
From start to finish the audience (and us) danced and sang a long and as we were only 7 rows back we were perfectly placed to enjoy it all. This was the first Britney show we had stood at and I liked it! It allowed for dancing and best of all it meant we could get to a perfect viewing spot (and photo spot). We can say that we actually saw Britney (jeans shorts & glittery bra en all) up close and personal! At quite a few points I swear Britney looked at us :) 
'Why hello, Laura and Sarah!'
'Do you like my extensive collection of shiny undergarments?'
We've seen the negative press and it's fair to say that Britney's dancing could have been more enthusiastic but that never detracted from the show.  It's one of those things when you say your a Britney fan people have an opinion and in the main there's judgement - but you have to see a Britney show to appreciate it! Sure she's not going to the best singer, or best dancer but what she does well is perform! We haven't met a single person who has seen a Britney show and not liked it!

Highlights of the night:
The show!!!
Britney at home dancing in a cage (we swear that was recycled from the Circus tour)
At home in the cage? I don't know, but she looked AMAZING!
Hit Me Baby One More Time (this time while riding a motorbike! - still Laura's fav song)
Backing dancers that had expert ninja moves (and one had an amazing mexi-tash)
Britney mounting Joe Jonas during this is 'How I Roll' (well it was his last night on tour!)
Strong thighs, Joe?
If U Seek Amy (Marlyn Munroe style) 
The finale (including brilliant pyrotechnics, Nicki Minaj (in video), an awesome song and us being close enough to be covered in confetti) --> see the amazing video HERE!
We LOVE glitter!
Laura's fav Britney fan!
This girl (Laura) loves having confetti boobs.
Britney's really cute witches costume (we think this was a Halloween special)

We hope Britney will be back soon as we are ready to Do It Again (Oops :))
Love Britney - another amazing show!!


  1. It looks like you had an awesome time! :D

  2. I looooove Britney!!! Sadly only seen her once. So so so jealous! & I actualyl quite like her last album.

    M x


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