Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What We Love Wednesday!! FCKH8!

We hope you are ready for another WWLW!!

We thought we'd spend this Wednesday bringing awareness to one of our favourite causes - FCKH8!! DISCLAIMER: We just want to warn you that there is a whole heap of swearing in this post - but we don't mind some bad language for a good cause! :)

Now, don't get FCKH8 confused with NOH8 - while NOH8 focuses on marriage equality and gay rights (first in California, then in the USA, and now the world!), the FCKH8 campaign aims to (among other things) stop the bullying of gay kids and teenagers in light of the recent tragic teen suicides.

The FCKH8 campaign is bringing attention to the fact that over 60% of Americans still think people choose to be gay. This means that children are being blamed for having 'queer' feelings and being made to feel like there is something wrong with them. FCKH8 has a whole range of awesome fashion accessories including t-shirts that are emblazoned with phrases such as:
and other such simple, catchy and confronting phrases!

Us in our SWAG!!
They give away thousands of t-shirts for free to help teens fight bullies, suicide & homophobia in schools. And if you buy some of their product, they donate part of the proceeds to charities fighting for equal rights, and other LGBT causes (so far they have raised over $250,000!).

One of our favourite parts of this campaign is the STR8 AGAINST H8 slogan - so you can involve your straight friends and get them kitted out too to show their support!

They have even had celebs join their campaign and do frequent Youtube videos to highlight their message.
Like 'OMG Shoes' Kelly!

One of their most popular campaigns is 'Born This Way' - a campaign for queer kids, where for every Facebook 'like' or Tweet they get they donate 10 cents to the cause.

We love the bright colours!!

And here's what they think about gay marriage (remember, watch out for F-bombs!):

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Love always, Laura & Sarah xo


  1. I must get some of those tshirts for Lala and me :))) xx

  2. Ha I want those shirts too! I do like the campaign BUT don't like they make kids swear, like kids involved just not the swearing part lol. Getting straights involved is good tho!

    M x

  3. Ahh, bless the little old man at the top! So sweet!


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