Friday, 15 August 2014

Are You In The Perfect Relationship?

Recently the UK press have picked up on a study around what makes a perfect relationship. The study was done to mark the launch of the Two Together Railcard here in the UK – it would be nice if we could use it as it saves named passengers a third off rail travel when they travel together, except in rush hour which is when we travel (d'oh!)

So I thought I would share the key parts of of the article in case you didn't see it…..

Here’s the list of what a 'perfect' relationship has:
1. Admit you're wrong after an argument
2. Say 'I love you' before you go to sleep
3. Share household chores
4. Regular date nights
5. Take turns to cook
6. Sex twice a week
7. Share the washing up
8. Same taste in films
9. Meet through mutual friends
10. Three year, six months age gap
11. Two shared hobbies
12. Share three mutual friends
13. Three date nights a month
14. Best friends
15. Kiss five times a day
16. Cuddle five times a day
17. Have one romantic meal a month
18. Two weekend breaks a year
19. Both work full-time
20. Have the same taste in food

In my opinion, every relationship is different and actually I don’t think a perfect relationship can be made from a completed check list - but it was nice to see we can check off a few of these. We didn't quite get the perfect age gap, we don’t have time for 3 date nights a month – let alone 2 hobbies! Check out suggested hobbies for couples:

Our reality:

That reminds me did you ever see this....this was our Day In the Life video back when we worked together (those were the days)

I do like the fact that the article highlights "It's clear that Brits aren't demanding lavish holidays or expensive presents for a relationship to be deemed faultless – it's more about appreciating the time you have together and telling each other you love them." We’re simple folks after all :)

‘Exemplary couples also stated 'talking' as the top activity they like doing together the most and travelling together to new places.’ – well we have both of them sussed!!!!

Even if we don’t tick everything on the list right now, I am happy in the knowledge that Laura and I are happy. I know what the wrong relationship feels like, the forced feelings, going through the motions, feeling like you should behave a certain way, I guess forcing a few of the actions on this list! Thankfully with Laura I have never been happier, more fulfilled and more certain of knowing I made the right decision – good job, since I married her, right! :)

S <3 L xoxoxox


  1. Hello there girlies. Another good post. It's always funny what people determine what is a good relationship. As you said for everyone couple it's different.
    According to that list my wife and I can only check 4 things off that list (numbers 1,2,8 & 14 if you're interested) we have plenty in common & although we go out for meals together I wouldn't class them as dates it's just like catching up with a friend. We love to cuddle on the sofa when we have the chance but with her being a chef it's not as often as we would like but I still feel like we have the best relationship that we both would like to have.
    It's a shame in ways that papers/media feel the need to say what a good relationship should be but I like when statistics are brought into it.
    Hope you both are doing well and enjoying the first few months of being married :D xxxx

  2. What an interesting post! Me and my girl can tick quite a few of those things, too, but not for example "both work full-time" as she's from Hungary, I'm from Finland, we live here in Finland and the whole finding a job as a foreigner here isn't that simple. I'd also like to think that the shared hobbies could also be shared interests, like books, TV, cats, languages and the like. I would say that our reality is the exact same as yours, by the way :D!

  3. Interesting list... I'm with you that there is no perfect list for a perfect couple... truthfully there isn't a perfect couple and that's ok to embrace our differences :-)

  4. Hilarious. lol I'm totally stealing this list for a blog post. :D

  5. I don't think that there is such a thing as a 'perfect' relationship. We all have our ups and downs and in betweens but at the end of the day if you haven't buried them in the garden somewhere then it's a pretty good relationship! ;)

  6. Well, this was a fascinating list! And also, why do we not have these kinds of deals for travel in the US? That sounds like a unique and interesting way to both encourage mass transit and happy couple hood. I agree with you, we don't have to check off every item on that list to be a happy couple. But having had a "starter" marriage and subsequent divorce, I wanted to make sure I got marriage number two right. The key to this second marriage has been an intersection of values and tastes. We don't love the exact same things, but we have enough in common that we can play together and apart quite happily. Seems simple. But, it takes a lot of soul searching to find the right mate. I'm glad you two have found yours.

  7. Good god. The Dude and I have been married since 1984. And I don't think we can check off even ONE of these. (Well, maybe the 'two weekend breaks a year', but those are from each other (!)

  8. Oh no. I guess I don't have the perfect relationship. I thought I did!


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