Sunday, 19 February 2012

February Photo-A-Day Catchup!!

Wow, we didn't realise what commitment-phobes we were. We thought posting a photo every day (or a few every other day) wouldn't be that difficult - boy were we wrong! First it was 2 days, then 4, then a week - and our resolve went downhill from there. This is reminiscent of basically every 'healthy eating' plan we've ever been on. So we are catching up here and now - we can't promise this won't happen again, but look on the bright side - February is almost over already!!

So, lets catch you up - click HERE for the rules and Days 1 - 3, HERE for Days 4 - 5, and HERE for 6 - 7. Seen it all? Great, lets get this party started!!

Day 8. Sun - 

This is a picture Sarah took from our bedroom balcony of the sunset over the Thames River the other day. So gorgeous, right? The park across the river still had some snow on it, and the sun was beautiful. We have said it many times, but we love love LOVE living on the river - it makes our days less concrete-y & city-y!!

Day 9. Front Door - 

Our flat front door is pretty uninspiring, so we thought we'd post the front door to our office! It's a very old building in Victoria, Central London (around the back of Buckingham Palace, so we can say HEYGURLHEY!! to the Queen), which everyone keeps telling Laura used to be the American Embassy. As if that means she should naturally know her way around the place. With five floors and countless rooms (some we are convinced used to be panic rooms), we are constantly getting lost, almost a year into our employment!

Day 10. Self Portrait - 

Wow, so many to choose from! Us two girls are masters of the self-taken photo, self-timed shots, arm-out.. we rock at it. We decided to go with one we haven't yet put on this blog, of us when we met Wegan last week. We originally were going to go with something sillier, but we came across this one, and we just look so happy, we loved it! :) Couldn't not put it up!! Because at the end of the day, that's what we are most - HAPPY!!

Day 11. Makes You Happy - 

The obvious choice for this one is each other, but its Saturday afternoon, and you know what's making us happy at the moment? Our big and little laptops. The pink is Laura's and the purple is Sarah's - a Christmas present from Laura & the Smiff family!!

Day 12. Inside Our Closet - 

Oh dear, brace yourselves - two girls plus one closet equals mayhem!! Sarah wanted to take a picture of Laura's 'floordrobe' but that was motivation enough to pick it all up haha!!

Day 13. Blue - 

We've only recently started using Twitter regularly, so we thought we'd highlight this - to be honest, Laura thinks Sarah overdoes it - she literally Tweets everything Laura says for like an entire day. That may be an exaggeration, but you'll never find out unless you FOLLOW US!!

Day 14. Heart - 

This is the first present Laura ever received from Sarah - upon her return from one month in Australia just after we got together! It's a silver heart-shaped bell, and reminds her that she always has Sarah's heart. Awww!

Day 15. Phone - 

You knew this was coming - matching phones!! We both have the Samsung Galaxy S on Orange - we are def Android fans! Laura recently got her plan down to cost only £15 per month - woot! Because the only person she calls/texts is Sarah. Some may call this sad, Laura calls it thrifty. Again - pink = Laura, purple = Sarah. Starting to sense a theme here?

Day 16. Something New - 

Sarah's new swimsuit for Thailand!! She got it from Pinup Girl Clothing! Does it look familiar? It should, it was featured on Glee!! Sarah looks beautiful in it and can't wait for summer to wear it!!!

Day 17. Time - 

We don't own watches, or an alarm clock - the only way we ever know the time is on our phones. This is the background on both of our phones. A great reminder of each other throughout the day, and only mildly awkward when it flashes up occasionally in front of coworkers/grandparents.

Day 18. Drink - 
Diet Coke, holla!! 

Phew!! Glad we get that out of the way. We promise to try harder, but don't be surprised if the last 10 days of February are all in one post too. Hope you've enjoyed it!!

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Love always,
Laura & Sarah xo


  1. Loving the photos, especially the NOH8 picture! xo - S&C

  2. Great pics, love the one of you two on the day we met up- I immediately recognised it was from then :)

    M x

  3. The one from your balcony is lovely, I totally agree with having a nice view when you live in a city. we can see nothing but trees from our window, cars aren't even allowed down our street! s xx


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