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7 Question Thursday!! #4

Hi everyone!!!

Here's our funny photo for the week:

The boys at work have just been told our latest blog post is up! ;)

1. What's your favorite style for home decor? (eclectic, modern, shabby chic, etc.) 

S: Traditional, country cottage would be my fav. I like traditional as anything too modern lacks personality and traditional always makes me feel at home! Think wood cabin on the ski slopes! 
Maybe not exactly like this but something like it! (This was our cabin when we went skiing at McCall)! 
L: I love lots of colour and a really homey feel, so I love this DIY fun cute decor that has been around lately! So pretty, and so much going on - I love my home to feel lived-in!!

2. What is the best trip you have EVER been on?

S: This question is so difficult to answer.  I have been on so many AMAZING trips- in fact anywhere me & L go ends up being a fantastic trip. The one trip that holds the most amazing memories for me has to be New Zealand (South Island) though - we hired a camper van and it felt like we had the island to ourselves. No deadlines or time constraints, just us, the road, the fantastically beautiful scenery - sunsets snuggled up in our van, sunrises through the sky roof. Breakfast watching the tide kiss the shore and dinner watching the stars! No day was the same, whether we were throwing ourselves of bungee swings, feeling on top of the world in a helicopter with untouched snow below, holding each other close as we found glow worm caves or relaxing in natural hot springs the whole trip was so different to anything we had done before. It brought us together in a way we had never experienced and we found we can be right little MacGyvers - starting fires, breaking into cans, map reading etc! And the people over there are so nice - everyone's a friend! Oh and I can't forget the lack of traffic lights, the stunning glacier to beach views and the sheep!

L: Well, Sarah about said it perfectly, don't you think? New Zealand was the best holiday ever!

3. If you could have an exotic pet, what would it be and why?

S: I'd like something I can ride on the back on - but as to what that is I'll have to give further thought. Maybe  a Zebra - it would be like riding a designer horse and I do wear a lot of black & white stripes!

L: I'm going baby elephant on this one! Because they are clever, playful, and would be like really smart, adorably chubby dogs. Oooh or a panda!!! I seem to love overweight-looking exotic animals.

4. Do you snore? (you can be honest, we're all friends here.) 

S: Nope - maybe rarely but in general nope. Supposingly I am very good to sleep with or near :)

L: Pssh Sarah, good to sleep with? *wink wink* haha

I don't snore (often) but I grind my teeth, sit up straight in the night and 'divebomb' into the pillow - my Mum said recently that I'm the worst person she's ever had to share a bed with!!! Mum, I think you're being a tad dramatic haha - but yes I'm a terrible sleeper.

But Sarah, you sleeptalk!!

5. Your car breaks down on the side of the road, what do you do?

S: Hahahahaha I actually have a true story from Oz where the car L&I shared ran out of petrol. As someone who HATES letting the car get to the last little bit of petrol I now know why - I had finish work and was on the way to get Chinese and get petrol. I saw the red light flash and before I could hit accelerate to get through the red light - dead! The car had given up. I was on a main road in rush hour and had no mobile phone - PANIC! I jumped out the car, ran across 3 lanes of traffic and accosted a random stranger to ring Laura - she didn't pick up- sh!t. Ran back to the car and found the number of another friend - accosted another stranger, got through to L. Screamed at her to get to where I was. (Except outside NAB (bank) is not specific enough when there are 3 on one road!) So with Laura some half hour away I noticed I was on a 'red route' when some woman told me (unhelpfully) that I could get fined for stopping on a red route!!!! By this time my car had caused a significant back log and a random guy offered to help - he sat with the car as I ran (and I mean like my life depended on it) to the nearest gas station to beg for petrol. That's right I full-on cried and got $5 of petrol in a borrowed canister. I got back to the car Mr.Random helped pour it in - NOTHING! It took numerous tries to 'get the petrol through the system' and jump it into action. From there I got help to push it off the main road. L turned up half an hour later and I ran to the petrol station to return the can & get another $10 of gas! The car eventually started. L had thankfully warned the Chinese we would be late :) and she went to every other NAB before finding me - NIGHTMARE!!!!! I now I insist we NEVER let the petrol go that low!!!!!

L: This was the only time that I have ever broken down!!! To reiterate, I had NO car, she had NO phone, so it was a ridiculous exercise in trying to use the slow Sydney bus system, passing 3 NABs, not seeing her, running miles in flip flops panicking that I was in trouble for letting the petrol get that low, calling the Chinese so she didnt think we'd abandoned her (didn't want her to take away our free spring rolls!!), and eventually finding her. Awful. I'd say I wouldn't do that again, but I still think Sarah obsessively fills up our tank - but then she is the kind of person who buys new toothpaste when we have more than half a tube left haha!

6. What's one item that has been on your wishlist lately?

S: A holiday - anywhere!!!!!

L: SAME!! I can't think of anything material that I would want to buy at the moment, but we've been really needing a holiday the last few months - I'd love to go back to Naples for a few days to sunbathe and eat amazing food!!

7. It's almost Summer (or winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere), what are you looking forward to most?

Well isn't that convenient, we wrote a blog post about this yesterday!!! Check it out HERE!!

Love always,
Laura & Sarah xo 

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