Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Laura's Bad News

Hi everyone, hope you are having a better week than us!

There we were, minding our own Christmasy business, and the completely unexpected happened - Laura was made redundant.

It happened Monday morning, her entire department is getting cut, and it has nothing to do with her or her work, just unfortunately due to the economy - but we are still floored. It was a permanent job! She was really good at it and loved it! How did this happen? AND RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS??!

So now, with only 7 working days until our holiday, we're back on the job hunt. But this time, we are looking to improve our quality of life - no 8:30 - 18:00 jobs, only normal amounts of hours, and in Victoria or around, so we can still have lunch together every day.

Laura definitely isn't as upset by this job loss as she was the last, probably partially because she's been through it before earlier in the year, and this time she isn't losing working with Sarah, and finally because she knows (unfortunately) others who are in the same position as her. It just seems so unfair, what a horrible time of the year for this to happen!

Luckily, we've got a secret weapon - Sarah has been sending through jobs for Laura to apply for from 1 hour after we found out. We're applying, hopefully getting some interviews before we go home, but while we are in Idaho/NYC we are NOT thinking about this. Only good and positive thoughts from 14th December!!

So if anyone in the West/SW London area knows of any roles going in Office Management, training, HR, admin, PA, etc areas, Laura's your girl!

We'll get through this together, it won't be as bad as last time, and we'll stay positive no matter what. Hopefully.


  1. Oh girls! SO sorry, but it sounds like you have absolutely the right attitude about it all!! I've already emailed my one other friend in London to see if he knows of anything. I'll let you know if I hear back any good news. xxoxoxo

  2. Oh guys, that totally sucks! Such awful luck for it to happen twice in a year :( sounds like you're doing the right things though, keep that positive frame of mind and hopefully by the time you get back from the states a perfect new job will have fallen into your lap.

    Love Carley (& Stacey)

  3. What a huge bummer and to have it happen right before Christmas. I don't understand why companies decide to let people go during the holidays. Would it really be that much of a financial burden to hold on to a few good people for another 3 weeks... I don't think so!

    I'm glad to hear that you're staying positive! You both seem to be a great support for each other so I'm sure you will land on your feet.

  4. I will send positive uplifting thoughts your way, I happy you are still going on vacation, yeah... you are right to go and forget about the job, have fun. The job will be the right job when you get back... good luck!!!

  5. What a bummer! What kind of company cuts jobs right before the holidays? I hope you find something soon, Laura. Enjoy your time in the USofA. :)

  6. So sorry to hear:( fingers crossed you find something great!


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