Sunday, 30 December 2012

All Good Things...

We've had the absolute best time in Boise over these last two weeks, and SO much to tell and show you once we are back in Blighty. We've spent so much time with my wonderful parents, and seen so many great friends. And it's snowed lots!! But unfortunately, our blissful holiday home is over - for now.

Honestly, every time I go home it gets harder to leave. I find myself really wishing that Sarah could legally move here with me - and we could enjoy the next stage of our life, in the quiet country of Idaho. Our kids could be around their grandparents, and it would be wonderful. Will be wonderful. Someday soon I hope!

But of course, you know us, we are travellers - and we are not quite finished trekking around the world yet. Our next stop is New York City!!

This has already been such a great holiday and it would be so much harder to go straight home from here - instead we are getting excited about our next adventure! (which is why I am up at 12:30am, despite having to wake up at 4:00am)

We don't have too many plans, except to spend time with a few friends, meet up with Steph and Corrine from Waking Up With Her, and see EVERYTHING! We are planning to watch the ball drop at Times Square, and hoping to see Ricky Martin in Evita. Because, its Ricky Martin.

Remember this guy?
We won't have a laptop in NYC so probably not many posts, but keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram pages for lots of familiar New York sights!!!


  1. Have a fab time in NYC, I finally did our NYC blog update from our Road Trip in Jun/Jul the other day....
    You like pizza ? Check out Arturo's on West Houston in Greenwich...... Xx

  2. Have an amazing time in New York, I look forward to your blog when you get home:) Happy New Year Laura and Sarah, keep dreaming:)

  3. I'm glad to hear that your trip home was so much fun! My sister lived in NY for 7 years so I visited often and LOVED it there. You gals are going to have a great time. Happy New Year. :)

  4. Sounds like you guys had a brilliant time in Boise - Stacey and I were so jealous of your giant burger! Obviously, we totally empathise with you feeling sad to leave the family too. Anyway - hope you girls are enjoying NYC and looking forward to updates when you're back in the UK!

    Carley & Stacey x


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