Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What We Love Wednesday - Date Nights!

I love Laura. Have I made that obvious yet?! The thing about love is it has to endure the good times and the bad and right now we are are pulling together to get over the bad news from my parents. Laura couldn't have planned this date at a better time.

I was told on Monday that we were heading out on a date on Tuesday but that I wasn't allowed to ask anything about it. I spent all day Tuesday feeling like we were newly dating - I had butterflies, I got giggly when people asked if I had heard anything about the date but most of all I was so excited that clock watching made the afternoon drag.

At exactly 6pm I bounded out the door and headed to my destination - Green Park! I was a little confused as Green Park on a Tuesday night doesn't seem like a great date location. As soon as I spotted Laura on the other side I bounded across the road, it felt like we were first dating and I loved it!

As soon as we were together Laura marched us off in the direction of Piccadilly Circus, and I was still completely in the dark about what was in store! The closer to Piccadilly we got the more Laura was checking her phone for directions. Eventually I recognised that we were near Carnaby Street and after a few more turns we were in Kingly Court and outside the Marshmallow Apothecary.

We had spotted the pop-up store on Instagram and Laura had looked into it for date night. The idea behind the store is that you are prescribed various marshmallows depending on your symptoms. There was a list on the counter explaining what was on offer and the 'Doctors' let you try a selection. We were prescribed some for a cold, for a pick me up and for anti-rabies (well after Thailand we thought we'd play it safe).

Within the pop-up store there were more marshmallow shaped seats, cushions and tables than you'd ever need! We made the most of it by getting comfortable to enjoy our prescription!

After our health fix we headed for dinner at TGI Fridays and enjoyed the French Canadian Burger - Laura's favourite - and copious amounts of Jack Daniels Sauce on my chicken and shrimp! So good!!!

Once dinner was finished we strolled through Leicester Square to Covent Garden and to check out a potential venue for our joint engagement/ 30th party. On arrival at the venue we met the manager and got a tour of the available spaces, we fell in love with 2 rooms so plan to head back on a Friday night to check out the atmosphere! The free drinks we were given definitely helped us enjoy the visit. Oh and the fact that we accidentally walked into an Indian speed-dating event, it was like a scene from New Girl!!

We love Covent Garden, there's always something going on and plenty of photo opportunities - it's such a nice place to head on a date. We also discovered that there is a Wholefoods invasion happening in London. We first discovered the joy of Wholefoods in Boise so to say Laura was happy to find it here is an understatement! We are sure that there will be more a few paycheques spent here - or as Wholefoods tweeted us to tell us we can head to Kensington and visit the biggest store they have so it may be spent there!

I was so grateful to Laura for organising the evening, the time together was much needed and it allowed us to focus on just being us and as us we're great! I forget how funny Laura is but last night we spent a lot of time laughing and really enjoying each others' company. I have an endless list of reasons I'm marrying my beautiful Laura including the fact that she knows just how to pick me up when I need it.


  1. Wow the marshmallow place looks awesome.... I wanna go there
    Sounds the perfect date night
    We love whole foods too...wish there was one nearer tho. Xx

  2. Awe this is so sweet... just having someone who knows exactly what to say and do to bring you up is wonderful:)

  3. I wish they had places like this in NM, I would so LOVE it! It sounds like you gals had a pretty awesome date night. This was a good reminder that I should probably arrange one for the wife and I. :)


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