Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Worst Proposal Ever.

As few of you know, my original plan was to propose to Sarah in New York City, on the Brooklyn Promenade, overlooking the city at sunset. The lovely Steph & Corrine agreed to help by setting up some photos of us along the promenade, and filming it for us. Sounds amazing, right?

Well, a few days into our trip, we went to Garden Valley to look at a wedding venue, and it snowed. You should have seen how excited Sarah was to see snow. Whenever there are flakes of white stuff falling from the sky, she turns into a wide-eyed excitable child - she is without a doubt her happiest self in the snow, and I love that so much about her.

Exhibit A
It was after that that my Mum suggested a McCall proposal, and it made perfect sense - we were driving up there to go see another venue, and there was 1.5 feet of snow (46 cm's for you Brits who measure in tiny snow measurements) - coupled with the fact that Sarah has loved McCall from the first time I took her there in 2009, it was perfect, and much more 'Sarah' of a proposal than New York.

So when we got to NYC, we decided to re-inact the proposal exactly as I would have done it, on the day, and time. Which is how I learned it would have been the WORST PROPOSAL EVER!

Boarded up Brooklyn Bridge
New Years Day at about 3:00pm, we got to Brooklyn Bridge, which was... a tad more crowded than I expected, considering it was below freezing. The plan had been to take loads of photos of the beautiful view the whole way along, but half the bridge was boarded up so we couldn't see anything! Instead it was just graffiti for half the bridge.

Halfway along, we were greeted with a nice surprise - a beautiful lesbian couple were getting married on the bridge!! So lovely, and like every other tourist there, I took a picture.

Anyone happen to know who they are?
Thank goodness the views on the second half of the bridge didn't disappoint - they were stunning, and you could see all of the breathtaking city of New York.

Photobombed by the most unimpressed looking tourist ever.
I'd thought the promenade would be easy to get to from the end of the Brooklyn Bridge, but unfortunately it was the opposite - we had to go through a building site, and the Bridge spat us out in the middle of an intersection with no signs! We made our way down to the river past empty parking lots and traffic - not very romantic, in fact the area made Sarah a little nervous!
More views from the bridge

Once we made it to the promenade, I realised the restaurant I had planned to take Sarah to (The  River Cafe) was closed, unfortunately due to Hurricane Sandy damages. It turned out, all the restaurants in the area were closed except Grimaldi's Pizza, which had a line around the block!

Way to toot your own horn, Brooklyn
The bathrooms were closed too, and I had to use one of the grossest porta-potties I've ever seen. It would have been horrible to take Sarah's ring in there haha!

We made our way out onto the Promenade, and complainy-Sarah didn't want to sit down and enjoy the view, because 'it was too cold' - way to ruin a moment, S! We took a few photos, I thought about how happy I was I hadn't proposed there, we were waiting for the sunset, and the unbelievable happened.

You can kind of see what I was going for, it's pretty, right?
On top of all of that disaster already, a police car came around at that moment with a loudspeaker, kicking people out of the park!! WE WOULDN'T HAVE EVEN MADE IT TO SUNSET BEFORE WE GOT KICKED OUT!!!

As we were getting kicked out of the park
I told you, worst proposal ever.

I was happy before knowing this that I had proposed in McCall, but that day I was thanking my lucky stars.


  1. Wow! That's quite the storm of misfortune... The pictures are absolutely beautiful though. It's funny how things don't always go as planned but still work out. Congratulations you two! :)

  2. Follow your heart and gut always! The actual porposal sounded absolutely perfect!

  3. Ah we just love you girls!! So glad it all worked put in the end :-) Congrats again!!




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