Friday, 1 February 2013

Fun Fact Friday - The Revival - Tips for life!!

Happy Friday one and all - I hope your February has got off to a good start. My beautiful lady is currently ill in bed so I thought I'd take some time while she's resting to share some random but hopefully useful facts - It's been a while! Now don't quote me on any of this, it is a combination of old wives tales and things I've picked up along the way.

The reason for this topic was cooking dinner I was reminded of a trick that helps pans avoid boiling over - did you know if you place a wooden spoon across the top of the pan it stops the water overflowing!
So simple, so useful!
These are conkers :)
Did you know spiders are afraid of conkers, or don't like the smell! Whatever the reason if you don't like spiders make sure you have a conker in the room. Only problem is this will only work in places where you have conkers, I'm not sure you get conkers in the USA? Weird!!!

Lemonade revives flowers! I'm no Martha Stewart but on the occasions I do buy Laura flowers I like to see them last as long as possible and nothing perks them up like a few drops of lemonade (fizzy lemonade, Sprite in the USA)!

As well as flowers I do try to use the odd candle to be romantic, but when it comes to getting the last bit of candle out the holder it's never easy. In fact we probably throw quite a few out, or we did until we found out that if you place glass candle holders in the freezer for a few hours the wax freezes. Once frozen, the wax will shrink just enough to pop right out. Easy!!

If you haven't got a scented candle around to create a lovely smell then there is the alternative of a few drops of tea tree oil and a drop of vodka in a spray bottle! Refreshing!! Tea tree oil is also a great antiseptic - in case you need it.  

A final tip on the scent front, if you don't have candles or tea tree oil but you do have perfume then put a few drops on the light-bulb, as the bulb heats up it will smell will fill the room!

Back on the cleaning front, this tip came from our days back in Australia when we cleaned domestically part time - when cleaning mirrors, glass or windows after putting whatever cleaning product you are using on the surface use newspaper - not cloths - to wipe it off. It works best if the newspaper is scrunched up.

If it's your microwave that has a few stubborn stains then good old vinegar is the best solution. Heat a small bowl of it for a few seconds and it should allow you to wipe away any stain - just don't breathe in too much :)

I also find it quite funny that if you put marmite / vegemite on a windowsill it will keep flies way - they, like me, dislike the smell! Something about the vitamin B! Oh and ants won't come in if you wipe vinegar across the doorstep! It also works as a cleaner. Full of tips me!!!

OK so I better get going and check on Laura but one final tip - did you know if you tap the top of a fizzy can it will disperse the bubbles and stop it fizzing when you open it? A tip that has saved us more than a few times.

Not in our world!!!
Oh and if you want more kind of facts like this check out this page: I'm still recovering from the banana one - mind blown - officially!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Gonna have to try some of these...great ideas
    Thank you for sharing these xx

  2. Conkers!!! That probably makes more sense than what we call them: buckeyes. We definitely have those in the U.S. though, in fact, we have an entire "buckeye state" - Ohio. And their college football team uses "conkers" as their team mascot! The Ohio State Buckeyes - you have to look at this...

    1. That's amazing! You've educated us both! L had no idea!!! Well I never :)! I'm guessing spiders don't like Ohio much unless they've become immune! Sxo


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