Monday, 25 March 2013

Date Night Review: Mother Mash - London

Sometimes in life, you swear people can read your mind; sometimes those people put your thoughts into  action, and in my case those people open Mother Mash!

In their words:

Those of you who have followed our blog for awhile may remember our post dedicated to the humble spud: if not, read it here!

It is fair to say that we LOVE potatoes in any form, but if I was to pick my absolute favourite way to eat a potato it would be as MASH! So when friends asked if we had tried Mother Mash based near Carnaby Street we were shocked that not only had we not tried it, we had never heard of it!

As soon as we could we jumped online to search Mother Mash, what we found was my ideal restaurant - or upscale cafe! The concept is simple: the food is delicious and the service quick and efficient! We went to visit on a Sunday evening at around 6ish and were surprised to find a seat straight away as we had heard it could be pretty busy.

We took our seats and were handed the menu:

Simple: pick a MASH, pick a type of SAUSAGE or a type of PIE and then finally pick a GRAVY!

Perfection on a plate!!!

It took us less that 10 minutes to eat our whole meals and I don't think we said a word except 'yummmmmmmmm' throughout until this happened:

Tragedy struck
Sarah had CLASSIC mash, Cumberland and pork and leek SAUSAGES and onion GRAVY! The mash was delicious, the pork & leek sausage was so tasty and the onion gravy was yummy and not overpowering.

Laura had CHAMP mash, pumpkin and goat's cheese PIE and farmers GRAVY! The mash was fantastic, the pie was scrummy and the gravy was so good it could have been eaten on its own.

The food was great value, not the cheapest, but it was so filling and we both ate and had a drink for less than £20 - we didn't need dessert! Having said that, had we been less eager to down the meal and paced ourselves, the saucy chocolate pudding and apple and blackberry crumble had caught our eye.

If you want a satisfying, substantial, filling, delicious meal after a day walking around London or you want to warm up or if you just want to find the tastiest mash (outside of our flat) check out this restaurant!

To end the great experience, we were so pleased to received these tweets a few days later - we always appreciated a company that is nice to their customers and even better that I'm now an honourary #MotherMasher

I guess until we are next in the area (which won't be long) I'll head back to kitchen to mash away......

If you get the opportunity to check out Mother Mash do let us know what you think!

Bon Appetit!


  1. As a fellow potato addict there is a very high chance I will be visiting there soon! Looks fab x

  2. Yummie... We love mash potatoes too... They are sooo comforting.... I like to grate cheese on mine ... Xxx

  3. been going their since 2011, visited about 20 times and i live in high wycombe, so not that local. LOVE IT

  4. That pumpkin and goat cheese pie sounds so great! And who doesn't love mashed potatoes, right??

  5. Potatoes are one of my favorite foods, mashed, baked, fried, scalloped... you name it, I love it... lol

    I am sure I would love this restaurant too :)


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