Thursday, 14 March 2013

Our Engagement Video!!

As it's only... two days away from our four year anniversary (woo!), and we will be away in the countryside as of tomorrow, we thought it'd be the perfect time to share something very VERY special with you.

As you know, we were lucky enough to have our engagement filmed, one by our good friend Alison, and the other by Laura's wonderful Mum & Dad!

Well, L's been working on it for months, and we've been watching it and re-watching it, and sharing it, and loving it, crying with happiness and now... we're sharing our engagement video with you!!

We debated keeping it private, but we started this blog to share and record our lives, and you all have been so wonderful and supportive, that we really wanted to show you!

SPOILER: We said yes!!

We really hope you enjoy it!

You can view Sarah's Boise proposal to Laura HERE
You can view Laura's McCall proposal to Sarah HERE


  1. Beautiful as ever! So glad Dad and I were a part of these two special days! Love youz! Mum xxxx

  2. These were beautiful... you can feel the love you guys have for one another... awesome <3

  3. I totally starting crying watching this. At work. Oops. :-)
    It's so beautiful!!

  4. I finally got around to watching this.... Totally teared up. Just beautiful. So so so so happy for you guys xxxxx


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