Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Glue That Keeps Us Together

Guess what?

This weekend, we've been together, official, officially going steady, girlfriend & girlfriend, wreaking havoc upon the world together, for 4 whole years!!

Happy 4 year anniversary to us! (almost)

In honour of this exciting occasion, I want to thank one very special person. 50% of S&L, sometimes even 51%? Miss Sarah, you are fantastic and wonderful and amazing.

(and HOT!)
I want to thank Sarah because without her, we wouldn't have made it here. I'm completely serious - I was a super diva when we got together.

You've read our love story - remember, we didn't like each other at first? If it weren't for Sarah persisting when I told her I liked her but I couldn't marry a girl, warding off Nigerian men one by one in shady bashment/hip hop clubs on Sunday nights, winning me over with her irresistible charm, and once standing outside of my flat throwing pebbles at my window until I let her in (okay, no I didn't, she went home with a friend, but I apologised PROFUSELY later!) .....

(she was like John Cusack from Say Anything)
....I would have never realised that not only could I marry her, but she'd make me the happiest I've ever been, become my best friend, fiancee, and, lets face it - she's my everything.

She's my world in one pretty little British package!
So thank you my darling, for realising back then that I was something worth holding on to.

Thank you for always getting out of bed first in the morning, and not getting too annoyed that I actually take longer to get ready.

Thank you for meeting me halfway on work days for 20 minutes of lunch where I get to see your beautiful face.

Thank you for doing all of the washing up, because wet food is gross.

And for running down 4 flights of stairs to let the takeaway man in when our door buzzer doesn't work.

Thank you for keeping me grounded, but for also not wanting me to stop dreaming big.

Thank you for dragging/bribing me to the hospital when I have something wrong with my eye but don't want to get out of bed with promise of mashed potato afterwards.

And for spending time in 5 A&Es in 4 different countries, because apparently I get dramatic things wrong with me.

Thank you for accompanying me around the world, and making travelling even more amazing than it was before.

Thanks for enabling my dreams of a partner to share everything with, a little family, and a happy home and life, to come more true than I'd ever imagined possible.

Thank you for being my lovely fiancee, and future Mrs. Smith.

(bling bling)
I hope I continue to make the good WAY outweigh the bad.

I love you xxxx


  1. This is lovely! Happy Anniversary and have an awesome weekend! Love youz! Mum xxxx

  2. This post is so so sweet... So adorable. Happy Anniversary... Lots of love xx

  3. This post is so touching... wow! Everyone who loves their spouse/partner should make a list like this... Just beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary <3

  4. I'm so happy for the two of you!! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Lol, love the Say Anything photoshop work there.
    This is such a great post Laura! You two have a beautiful love story.


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