Sunday, 7 April 2013

International Pillow Fight Day 2013!

It's no secret that we love living in London. Furthermore it may not be old news that we love to try new things! So when our home city announced it was hosting its annual pillow fight in Trafalgar Square, we had to check it out!

As with most things, timing is everything - we realised that the pillow fight was happening on the Saturday that Sarah and Lauren were down as part of Lauren's birthday celebration and so we were already planning to head into the centre to visit Whole Foods at Piccadilly Circus. Except now we'd just need to take pillows with us!

I headed off to pick up the cheapest pillows possible with everyone else still tucked up in bed, so we were ready to go after breakfast. It turned out our trip up the Shard(that's another story), the night before, had worn everyone out so breakfast started at 10:30 - but after a round of 'McLauras' we were ready to go.

We arrived as the pillow fight was starting - it was INTENSE! My memory of pillow fights is that they were a fun, crazy light-hearted way to beat someone up :) What I don't remember is the mess or how hard it is to breathe surrounded by feathers! Within minutes all four of us looked more like chickens than people, covered head to toe in feathers!

Typical lesbians in our Converse... :)
There were two rules for this activity:
Don't hit anyone without a pillow
Don't hit anyone with a camera

As I had a pillow and no camera I was fair game for anyone and boy did I get hit! I got hit by Laura, hit by Lauren, hit by Sarah and hit by so many randomers that at times I had no idea who I was defending myself against! And it was a hard, physical work out! It was the first day the sun had shone in London for quite some time, and being out without our coats was liberating. The free feeling after the pillow fight added to that too. Who knew hitting strangers with pillows could release so much tension!

After a week that had involved more food than I can remember, a trip to the hospital for Laura's eye, an amazing trip up the Shard, another visit to Mother Mash for a delicious meal, filling our faces at The Big Easy with all you can eat fajitas and spending way to much at Whole Foods on a hot food box we are in need of a break from all this fun and yum!!

On that note we officially booked to head to Iceland in November! It had been a place on our 'to do' list  for 3 years after we pit-stopped there coming back from Idaho once. We never left the airport but we loved the country and were determined to come back and explore. Every time we see deals we've never had the money so we've always thought that it'll have to wait - that was until a Groupon deal came up last week! Lauren and Sarah booked the deal and then invited us to go with them - and it turned out that we had just enough in savings to be able to join. Bring on the Northern Lights!

In other exciting (wedding related) news we are almost there with our Save The Dates and videographer. We have decided on our photographer and are now in the process of sorting out how to change my name after a long discussion about what we are doing with our names post wedding!

Have a lovely week!!


  1. I saw a picture of you on Facebook with pillows... I was excited to read your blog...

    It looks like you had so much fun and I bet it was exhausting but also it released a lot of tension.

    I wish we did that here in Halifax :)

  2. The one in NYC was huge and ALSO amazing. I think it should be a new monthly activity. I bet road rage and crime rates would fall! lol



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