Friday, 19 April 2013

What's a Pirate's Favourite Pattern to Wear?? Arrrrrrrgyle!

I'm SO excited - went to the hospital today, and got a great report!

My CNVM has improved dramatically (though they originally told me there was no chance of it improving, so thanks guys...) and I will no longer need to get eyeball injections!

They said the scarring will always be there as retinas can't heal themselves, but my brain will eventually adjust so I don't notice it as much when looking out of both eyes. I've definitely noticed an improvement over the last two weeks, in that I've used my eyepatch a bit less.

I have one final check-up six weeks from now, but they don't expect it to get worse.

Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts, you made this difficult month and a half much better - full of pirate jokes, and with much less upset than I thought it'd be :)

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  1. That is wonderful, I am so happy for you... Awesome:)


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