Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Really Interesting Post

Some people are SO good at blogging about nothing, or the little things in life - I wish we were a bit better than that, but our 'nothing' weeks are SO BORING!! I literally can't think of anything to write to you that may be interesting to you. But I'm writing this post anyway, because we've been so boring/busy this month, it feels like we've hardly blogged!! So I hope you make it all the way through this post!

So... as of today, I've lost 20 lbs! I can't really tell that much, except my cheek size has decreased. Does anyone else measure weight loss in cheek size? I measure mine on a scale from 1 to chipmunk. It's a good place to get thinner though, because everyone's always looking at your face!

Anyway, obviously with the wedding next year I've had to get serious about this - which sucks because I love junk food and hate sweating - but I've really noticed an improvement in my energy levels, water consumption, lack of zitty face-ness, and that I'm better able to stick to it. But of course, I still treat myself at the weekends, because I'm not a monster!

We've started this 'sweating for the wedding' ritual - before bed each night, we do squats and crunches - we started with 30 crunches, and go up by 10 each day, and do half that amount in crunches. It probably doesn't seem much to people who love to exercise, but its a lot for us! Tonight we are on 190 squats and 85 crunches. THIGHS OF STEEL!

In sadder news, my lovely old girl Abby had two seizures over the weekend within 24 hours. She's on meds now and hasn't had another since, which is good, but I feel so awful for her. She's 13/14, so she's had a full life, but I just hoped she'd make it to August so I could see her one last time. We'll see!

How amazing was yesterday's weather? It was sunny and 18 degrees C here in London, so Sarah and I figured out how to meet in Hyde Park for lunch. Which is awesome because I still absolutely hate not being able to see her, and because I got a little sunburn! Woot! Today isn't quite as nice though - I can't at all wait for summer - summer in London is the absolute best!

We are going to the Brentford football game this weekend - it is the last of the season, and I am super excited. I don't always get football (for some reason I can't grasp how people can tell the offsides rule so quickly) and I don't like how low scoring it is (I invested 90 minutes of my life for a 0-0 score??) but I really like going to Brentford, which is my Dad's team, because I feel like a real Londoner :)

There is a fly in my office at the moment, which defies all logic - it's been warm for one day, dude, how are you already alive and annoying me??

France legalised gay marriage this week, which is wonderful!! I was really surprised at all the anti-equality protesters there though, I think of France as a romantic and accepting country, so was kind of shocked. Either way, its really wonderful! Definitely one of my favourite countries in Europe (mostly because of the cheese).

Speaking of cheese, I organised a rockin' cheese and wine tasting at work last night! 6 cheeses, 6 wines, lots of mayhem. It went really really well, if I do say myself, and I got to eat my weight in cheese, but I also learned that I full-on don't like wine. I thought perhaps I haven't found the right bottle of wine, but it turns out, 6 bottles of varying types, and I don't like any of them. I couldn't even finish the little bits I'd poured myself of any except the dessert wine, because it tasted like candy.

When everyone else was identifying the subtle fruits and flowers in the different wines, I couldn't taste anything except... what I assume battery acid tastes like. Mixed with water. And when we identified a celebrity that personifies the wines, and coupled them with the cheeses (it's an awesome idea, you come up with some hilarious couples!) I couldn't think of any celebrities - except maybe Chris Brown for all of them (awful).

I've never liked admitting I'm not a wine person, because I feel like I'll be judged for not being a proper adult (same with coffee) but I can no longer deny it - I only like tequila and gin. And Diet Coke.

And I'M PROUD!!! Kind of.

What is something you don't like that you feel like you should? Lets all admit it together, it'll make me feel less bad! :)

Woah, this was a random post.


  1. I don't do wine either. Red wine tastes like blood to me lol, people think I'm weird.

  2. Haha, L and I used to completely not understand people who loved cheese and wine, especially red wine, but we like both as of about two years ago - basically, we are officially old. I dob't think I've ever tried gin, although there is a vintage style gin parlour in Birmingham that also serves candy cocktails, and pies!
    Well done for the event organisation, and the weight loss! I can confidently say that hell would freeze over before we would do crunches...I don't even really know what they are, the shame.
    Finally, lots and lots of love to Abby!
    (A random comment for your random post!)
    S xx

  3. I love random posts... I can not stand wine... I never have and I never will... you are right, I think it must be what battery acid tastes like.

    Coffee... another taste I never acquired... not even the smell of it...

    Congratulations on the weight loss, I hope to be there with you soon :)

  4. Something I don't like... fried things of any sorts and eggs in combination with pasta or vegetables, I only like boiled eggs, really.

    P.S. I'm not a wine drinker either, however, there is a sweet white wine in my country I simply adore and a rich red sort called teran which is also very tasty with meat dishes. Give me a drink with white rum or gin and I am sold. :D

    Have a lovely weekend! Hugs from Slovenia! Vesna

  5. The only acceptable wine is 98% fruit juice, 2% alcohol. I would have to have a fruit and cheese tasting. Delicious!

    Something I don't like that I think I should would be running. BLECH. I'm huge into working out and sports but jogging on the treadmill is the most dreadfully boring thing I can imagine.

    P.S. SUPER congrats on the weight loss!!!

  6. I don't like wine either. Never have. But I think it's an allergy thing more than anything else. Wine bothers my mouth.

  7. Something I don't like... Criminal shows (i.e. Law and Order) haha Cori loves them, as well as the rest of the world. I cannot get into them! -S
    Cori says she can't get into make-up haha. I always doll her up when we get fancy! xx

    CONGRATS btw on your weight loss success!! xox


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