Monday, 15 April 2013

So Much Fun in London!

The week before last was more fun than we'd had.... for a long time. Perhaps since our Idaho/engagement/NYC adventure!

You see, it was the lovely Lauren's 27th birthday on April Fool's Day (no kidding!), so she and her fiancee Sarah came down to London to celebrate with us!

I know that my Sarah wrote a post already on the awesome pillow fight we had with them, but I wanted to also highlight all the other things we did with them!

When they arrived last Wednesday, we met them from work at the Big Easy in Chelsea. You already know all about how fantastically yum that place is (from our previous post HERE) and it did not at all disappoint. We ate ourselves silly, and had some delicious margaritas to help it all down! We then walked home to make a little room in our dessert stomachs. That's a thing, I'm sure of it!

Upon arrival home, Sarah and I presented Lauren with our Eton Mess inspired cake - meringue, whipped cream, strawberries, and marshmallows! It started off well enough, but the cream quickly slid off the side of the meringue, and it looked.... like this.


Luckily, Lauren didn't judge our failed attempt at birthday cake, and instead we all tucked in - it may not have been pretty, but it tasted AMAZING!!

L enjoying our 'cake'
Then L opened our prezzies, and we chatted until late.

On Friday, we got to go up the Shard with them, thanks to some fabulous planning by Lauren's Sarah! It was just breathtaking. We timed it for just before sunset, and somehow S managed to ward off the constant rain and cloud we've had for the last few months, and we were rewarded with so many beautiful colours, and an incredible view of London - we could see all the way out to Heathrow! (that's a long way, for any non-Londoners reading!)

It was gorgeous, romantic and wonderful - and we saw it all from the 72nd floor of the tallest building in Europe!

Afterwards, we took the girls to another of our favourite restaurants in London (see post HERE), Mother Mash. It was once again delicious, even for the girls, who are both vegetarian! They've got veggie sausages and pies, so we're all covered. We were 'Mmmm'ing throughout the meal (though that was mostly my Sarah, practically re-inacting that famous scene from 'When Harry Met Sally'!) and treated ourselves to a lovely crumble, as well as more cake when we were home.

L&S, & L&S
Even when we weren't out seeing the best London has to offer, we had so much fun at home, just chatting, watching TV and laughing together - they really are the best of friends.

See Lauren's post about her birthday week HERE!

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  1. I am so glad you had so much fun with your friends... it is always great when you connect with people :)


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