Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bye Boise!! We are back in London!

We are back, back in not-so-sunny London after what can only be described as one of the best holidays we have ever had! We have so much to blog about, record and update everyone about we are stuck between feeling like kids in a candy store not knowing where to begin and writing pages of posts to capture everything.

When we got engaged at the end of 2012 our lives were very different to how they how now. Through recent blog posts you may have seen some of those changes but theres more! Thankfully all the changes have been positive and we have both said we are currently having the time of lives. Our updates range from small to the life changing oh and then there's the wedding planning updates!

It's no secret that Laura is the planner and organiser extraordinaire and the trip we have just got back from epitomised this completely. I never thought that we needed any more shared interests but our wedding has brought us closer than ever. while Laura may start with her many ideas we make final decisions together and agree on more than we expected. Not only that it's started conversations with people we'd lost touch with and the response we have had on social media has added an extra element of excitement and we really enjoy having outlets to share our experiences on. So thank you to anyone who has liked or commented or sent us messages of congrats-we appreciate all the support!

The last 10 days have been entirely wedding and holiday focused but we have other exciting news too so while we figure out what posts we are putting up and some how organise our excitement here's a few highlights from our wonderful time in Boise.....

Our engagement photo shoot:

Chilling out at the pool:

Eating more than our weight in AMAZING food:

Embraced the all-American traditions:

Even in the rain:

Found and ordered WEDDING DRESSES!!!!! So excited......

And even found time to relax and float the Boise river:

We will be back with our next post soon.....after 20+ hours of travelling an early night is definitely requited!

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  1. Can't wait for the update and love the first engagement photo!!! :) Greetings, Vesna


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