Friday, 20 September 2013

Our Wedding: First Look at Our Engagement Photos!!

We are just so ecstatic to see the first of our engagement photos on Dylan & Sara's website today! They are just absolutely wonderful - we couldn't be more happy with them. It was such an amazing day, we had so much fun with them, and forgot they were shooting a few times! These are two of our favourites we've seen so far:

It really shows in some of the photos how much fun we had - we love D&S's natural style, and can't wait to have them photograph the wedding.

We are just in disbelief, really - we knew they were great photographers, but having not really had much experience in front of the camera (you know, except those taken by Laura!) we were a bit nervous. We can honestly say though they are more lovely than we could have imagined, they captured us wonderfully, and we just can't stop smiling!

Check the rest of the photos out here on their website, and we'll do a full post of our favourites once we get all of them!


  1. Remarkable photos!!! You both look wonderful.

  2. You two are so cute... I look forward to all the pictures... I must check out Instagram :)

  3. The pictures are fantastic. What a lovely couple you two make!


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