Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hello from Boise, Idaho!

We made it to Boise! It only took 26 hours door to door (22 or so of them actually travelling), three planes and lots and lots of sweets.

Our day on Wednesday began at 4:45 - Sarah's Dad very kindly offered to drive us to Heathrow on his way to work, but it'd have to be early. He wanted to leave at 5:30, so we asked him to wake us at 5:15 so we could dress and head out. People often underestimate our ability to get ready to leave in the morning in 15 minutes - surely we must take longer, need time to properly wake up, breakfast, etc? But no, we would do anything for those final few minutes in bed, so we get ready and leave in 15 minutes every day for work. Imagine Andy's surprise then when he thought he'd wake us up a full half hour before expected, and we were ready to leave the house at 5am! But he was lovely enough to drive us, so we didn't mind being at the airport early for our 10am flight.

And just as well haha, because early we were! We arrived at Heathrow a full 4 hours before our flight! But that was no worries, wasting time together is one of our best skills! We painted our nails and toenails, checked out the duty free items on offer, ate a lovely breakfast, then got a bit more creative.

We took the same unflattering photo of Laura on all of the tech store's test phones.

We purchased Havaiana charms for our non-Havaiana items because we didn't want their flip flops, but loved the rainbow heart charm!

We bought lots of airport minis.

We acted like tourists and took photos of other tourists for them.

After all that, we actually were some of the last people on the plane! We ended up running up to the gate as it was closing, and arrived to find someone in our seats, who had obviously thought we weren't turning up and he'd get a nice row of two seats!

 As usual, we spent the 8.5 hour flight to Charlotte, North Carolina watching movies non stop. 4 solid movies were watched which took up the whole flight - the internship, application (with Paul Rudd and Tina Fey!) The Incredible Burt and Epic. Solidly productive flight!

In Charlotte, we made the most of sitting in the provided rocking chairs and listening to a piano player. Very civilised! Then we went to 'Carolina BBQ Pit' to have lunch - a pulled pork sandwich with mac n cheese as a side! It came with a spicy fried pickle which was odd, but we loved it apart from that.

On the next flight to Phoenix, Sarah napped mostly on Laura, while Laura amused herself by failing at two crosswords one sudoku and writing all of the above on the iPad. See, investment paid off already! 

We alllllmost fell asleep on the final flight to Boise, but entertained ourselves playing games on the ipad, trying our hardest to keep our eyes open. We ended up arriving home half an hour early, and at about 10:30pm Boise time (5:30am the next morning London time!). Just in time to go to sleep, and succeed in our plan to skip jetlag!

We really love travelling together, because we use it as an opportunity to spend uninterrupted time together.  Laura is in charge, because Sarah gets stressed out, and Laura is super efficient thanks to growing up with Agent Smiffy. We wear clothes that we wont need to take off in security, we bring a variety of snacks- It's a well oiled machine, and allows us to spend the rest of the time cuddling :) 

Oh Boise, you're gorgeous
We've been here now a few days, and are having the most wonderful time - will write all about it upon our return! In the meantime, we were featured on one of our favourite blogs this week - Becoming What I Always Was! Go check it out, and then take a read of the rest of Miki's blog, it's wonderful!


  1. It looks like you are having an amazing time... you two girls know how to have fun traveling... I will take some of your suggestions when I travel to Alberta Canada this spring when I go to visit my David...

    His surgery is tomorrow... I won't be breathing very well until I know he is okay :-/

  2. You guys make travel sound FUN! Have a great vacation!

  3. We should meet up for dinner while you guys are here! My girlfriend Mindy and I would love to meet you!

  4. Hi Louise,
    We'd love to but are leaving early Saturday morning so we don't have much time left, we may have a time coffee/catch up after the Boise State game tomorrow (Friday) night if that could work for you guys? Would you be able to email your number so we can let you know if we can/you can? Xo


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