Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What to do in Boise!

We are back well and truly back in reality. Thankfully it looks like we defeated jet-lag coming this way too! It's turns out being able to survive without sleeping for 27 hours has it's benefits :)

Having said that the challenge we had was getting over the hunger, we have spent the last 10 days eating WAY more than we needed and LOVING every mouthful. We ate so much delicious food that we'll dedicate an entire post to it but in the mean time I thought I would start with what we did- besides the wedding planning and eating!

Boise is beautiful in every season but this was my (Sarah) first time of visiting in the summer and I had so much fun. Laura has spent over 4 years telling me about things she wanted to show and experience with me that this trip could not have been more jam packed. I guess that's the great thing about taking someone home you know just what to do and where to go.

One of the highlights was floating the Boise river. In total the river is 102 miles long but you float along approx 6 miles between Barber park and Ann Morrison park. What every floater should know! As with everything in America this activity is extremely participant focused - there are 'rest/toilet' stops along the route and they even provide free air fill up points! It was so quiet when we did it that it was just me Laura, Laura's brother and Laura's Dad in a raft floating down river! It was so much fun we did it twice in 30+ degrees temperature. Oh and you get called FLOATERS!

Wahzoo's: This is basically a big kids (and probably little kids) playground and provided the location for me to take part in an all-American activity- baseball! Well in all honesty it was softball - the 65 mph baseballs scared me and 25mph softballs seemed a better place to start. Two years ago L's Nan had managed to hit 2 balls and laid down the gauntlet - thankfully I managed to get 10, Laura managed all most everyone, most impressive!

We also managed a round of golf, the best type; mini-golf or crazy-golf depending on how you describe it. L's Mum beat us both but it was close and thoroughly enjoyable - especially when followed by Dippin' Dots - what a great invention!

Hiking: Like Montana, Idaho is all about the big sky. It's something I absolutely love about visiting Boise - the space it makes me feel like I can breathe. Unlike London you can stand on a hill and look for miles as the sunrises or sets lighting up the whole sky, it's spectacular.

Right by Laura's parents is part of the Oregon trail and for a history buff like me it's amazing to stand in the tracks made by the pioneers wagons as they crossed the landscape 100's of years ago. We scaled the Kelton ramp that was the main way down to the Boise basin for the pioneers and you can really understand why so many lost their lives on the journey the ramp is steep!

Art in the Park; a gathering of local artists bringing together their wares to sell on a beautiful park at the start of September. This place is packed full of the most bizarre art and tempting things that we really had to fight against buying! We love wandering around things like this and there is no where better than Boise (or Byron Bay) to do it in.

Boise is brilliant whatever the weather but I can't wait to come back again in summer.....actually it seems like the place to get married! Bring on June 2014!!!

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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time and in no time at all you will be back to get married, how awesome... Woo hoo :)


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