Friday, 18 April 2014

That Time Laura Made a Reservation at a Takeaway

Last Friday we decided to ressurect Date Night from the dark depths of commuting 4 hours a day, living with parents and having zero moneys.

Because I'm on keto, we decided to go to a lebanese restaurant, thinking the salads, meats, halloumi, and deliciousness is relatively keto-friendly in that cuisine. We remembered going to a lebanese restaurant in Hammersmith about 3 years ago for a friend's birthday, but couldnt remember the name of it.

Luckily, Google Maps came to the rescue! I looked at the area, and saw a place called 'Lebanese Tavern' right where it way - perfect! So we set our sights on the Tav, as we were likely to call this new haunt, and got hungry.

An hour beforehand i got nervous that on a Friday night it might be busy, as most restaurants in London tend to be. So, I called them up. 'Hi, Lebanese Tavern? Can I please make a reservation for tonight at 6:15?' (Hey, we're early eaters. Just wait until we are old enough to eat dinner at 5! #moretimefordigestion #yolo) The man on the other end of the phone said something pretty unintelligible, and put me on hold. Must be to the reservations department.

'Um hi, can I make a reservation?'
'...... (speaks to his colleagues).... for what time?'
'6:15 please'
'Okay yes bye.'

They didn't even take my name! I chuckled to myself and texted Sarah that they didn't seem used to taking reservations. Silly unprofessional London restaurants!

Annoyingly, Sarah didn't arrive at Hammersmith until 6:20, so we were a good 15 minutes late for our reservation. Slightly concerned we'd miss our table, we strolled arm in arm down the street, and.... passed where we were sure the restaurant was. It was now an Indian restaurant.

Confused, we noticed the Lebanese Tavern 3 doors down. 'Phew!' I thought, as we were starving by this point. As we went to walk in, we noticed the large rotating meat on a skewer in the window.....

And then it dawned on me.

I'd made a reservation at a kebab shop.

At 6:15 (surely nobody eats at a kebab shop before a drunken midnight?).


For the quick epilogue, we walked through H'Smith and came across the BEST new little Mediterranean restaurant with the nicest owner - and we ate the heck out of all this. And we lived happily ever after.

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