Wednesday, 9 April 2014

We Need A Hero!!

Fancy dress, dressing up, costumes – whatever you call them, they can be a source of great joy or great dread.  In typical US vs UK style you can imagine which one of us enjoyed the dressing up thing more when we first got together!

However, over the years the US vs UK battle has become more of a style vs effort one. While one of us is ‘go big or go home’ the other is ‘really do we have to spend that much????’ On more than one occasion the go big or go home option has won out and the result has amazing (even if we do say so ourselves).

But today, we find ourselves in a predicament. We have decided to host a ‘Super Heroes and Villains’ fancy dress night as part of our Bachelorette in Vegas. As expected, the feedback has been mixed but not for the reason you might think - but because people can get quite defensive/protective over their costume of choice.

We are trying to find out people’s ideas so we can intercept if we hear two people are picking the same option. That makes it sound like we are organised though – we are trying, but we are NOT!

Laura has tried – emailing, skyping, and thrusting ideas in my face – while I am scared to commit. Initially Laura came across these amazing swim suits at Black Milk which she was set on, but the cost plus the variable delivery time and unknown custom charges make them VERY expensive options however much we love them.
Option two was to then scour the internet for the next best thing - but that has raised a new challenge, just who do we go as. And as we know our loyal blog readers are always supportive we thought we ask for your help! Who do you think we should pick?

Batman and Wonder Woman - our original choice, because Laura has always wanted to dress as Batman, and Wonder Woman is hot. BUT they don't really look like they go together, and we haven't been able to find a Batman outfit we like. (on a side note did you know that some fandom's ran with the idea that Batman and Wonder Woman are a couple

Batman and Robin - That Robin costume is adorable! The only thing is that Laura doesn't like the idea of Sarah being her sidekick instead of a superhero in her own right :

Superman and Wonder Woman - Laura's never really loved Superman, but how cute is that outfit!!! And the colours of the outfits go better together:

Of course, we aren’t going as the ‘male’ versions we will add our ‘girly’ input to make them more us but we have asked friends and family and they are torn so we are hoping that the blogging world may prove more useful J

Please post your vote opinion in the comments – we’d really appreciate your input!


  1. I love batman and robin! A superhero theme is such a fun idea! You ladies will have a blast in Vegas!

  2. I like the Super man and Super woman costume... I am sure you will pick the best choice and look as cute as you always do :)


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