Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Our First Year Wedding Anniversary Weekend Part 1 - The Book of Mormon

A few months ago, in looking for a 'paper' gift idea for our first year anniversary, I found some tickets to the very popular and often sold-out show in London, The Book of Mormon. I knew Sarah had really wanted to see the show for ages, but it was not cheap nor easy to get tickets, so we hadn't gotten around to it. I quickly text Sarah about the budget, with the site on countdown.
              'Can I spend £££' on your anniversary present?' (I have to check these things, as I have a tendency to overspend for occasions - but what can I say, I love to treat my lady!)

I waited for the five minutes I had before I lost the tickets online, with no reply, so I purchased them, and felt very smug about my awesome anniversary present. About another ten minutes later, a text came in. 'WAIT NO THATS WAY TOO MUCH!! CAN YOU RETURN IT???' But they had been purchased. I was in trouble a bit more 'You spent HOW MUCH on a piece of paper??' but managed to come to a compromise when I said the present would be the full budget, so the gift would be for the both of us.

Then a few weeks later, I got a text when Sarah was on her train home from London.
              'I found some tickets, should we go see The Book of Mormon for our anniversary? Need to know quickly!!' Immediately I felt many emotions - joy that we are so meant to be, picking the same show for the same night for the same occasion!! - thankful that she had thought to ask my opinion instead of booking them as a surprise, and panic that she might go ahead with it!!

I quickly put her off with one of her lines 'Are you sure we can afford this right now, especially with my gift already costing £££?' Of course the answer was no, and she seemed a little disappointed. I decided I couldn't wait any more, and gave her the tickets when she got home that evening. Great minds!! And we were officially off to see The Book of Mormon!!

So on Friday, I headed into London on the train, and met Sarah in Soho. We were running a little late so stopped off for a quick dinner at Herman Ze German. We shared a currywurst and fries, it was delicious, and really hit the spot.

The show was fantastic from start to finish. The jokes, jokes within jokes, and within songs, it captured us from the introduction until the final curtain and became my favourite musical (surpassing Pricilla, Queen of the Desert, which I saw 5 times in London!). It was witty (and a bit crude) and poked fun at the LDS church without pulling at the religion too hard. The characters were well formed, multi-layered, and you could tell it was by South Park creators (the devil looked exactly like the one in the TV show!) but it was still genius for non-SP fans.

At intermission, we got the surprise of our lives, and were gifted a strawberry ice cream from the woman below us who got too many. Score!! We also ate the Hummingbird Bakery Red Velvet cupcakes we'd brought in, so we had a thoroughly delicious intermission. Then it was back to the laughs!!

Everyone else we know who has been to see it loved it as much as we did, so if you have the chance, DEFINITELY GO!! It is almost sold out months in advance, but it is worth it!

If we ever get missionaries at our house, we will invite them in for tea (though more to talk about their journeys and to find out if they are from my hometown than to speak about the word of Jesus!)


  1. How cute that you both thought to get each other the same thing!

    Happy anniversary, you two! :)

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