Friday, 21 August 2015

Life of a Travelling Unicorn!

Certainly in our life a quiet week is a myth, a fairy tale, something to dream of and occasionally it happens and we treasure it but in the main we get to Friday wondering how we got to the weekend again.

This week more than most I am SO ready to shut the front door and not leave Laura's side. There is nothing like time away to make you feel like you never ever want to leave again. I think this week was worse than most to leave as L is ill and I left straight from a weekend away at friends so we hadn't had time to snuggle and recoup before I left.

I had work in Glasgow on Monday and Tuesday and then London on Wednesday so spent Sunday and Monday nights in a hotel and Tuesday night on a friends couch - the glamorous life of a Unicorn! (If I was actually a Unicorn and it wasn't just a job title I think I may have found someway to come come every night!)

This is what my week looks like in terms of travel:

Google figures I've done over 1000 miles and it feels like that's about right! The only good thing was that all of the travel was done on a train or a tube so i could still catch up on the world. Oh except the weekend trip to Sheffield we drove for that one!

My Virgin Train ride up from Birmingham to Glasgow was hellish - they has reduced the number of carriages making the journey so there were more people than seats and after giving mine up for an old lady I spent 90 mins sat on the floors - not good value for my £111 train ticket! Thankfully the journey from Glasgow to London was the opposite a table seat the whole way and only occasionally did I have to share the space.

I have seen the countryside, the cities and A lot of train carriages. I have eaten terribly and drunk an excessive amount of diet coke but now I am home it is fading into a distant memory and I can focus on getting L well again.

As always I caught a few snaps from the trip so here is the UK from my journey:
Glasgow was where I saw most of when I wasn't in an office:

I love the UK:
From Top: Hanging out in the City of Sheffield, Whizzing past Manchester at 125mph and grazing Oxford on a local train.

There is no place like home though

I look forward to a weekend of this

Hope you enjoy yours!!!

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  1. You two are sweet... I hope you had an amazing weekend catching up with each other xox


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