Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Getting Sh*t Done! It's My New Talent!

So I read a post the other day that has challenged me.

Simply entitled 'The One Skill That Beats Talent Every Time' it was shared by someone at my work. In summary, the post talks about 'getting sh*t done'. That's the talent.
"The best part about this skill is that it’s easy. Anyone can obtain it. You don’t need to have any particular natural talent. You don’t need any resources or teachers to master it. Once you have it and it becomes a part of your every operation you will begin to achieve at an accelerating rate. Your success will compound and your reputation will bring you more opportunities."
The thing that struck me is that this is so true. 

When I think about my life, our life and the lives of those who I admire - including both sets of our parents - we are all people who get shi*t done.

It used to wind me up no end at school when my group of eight girls would spend lunch times talking about grand plans (or even small plans) but when I would ask 'so when are we doing it?' it was like a stink bomb would go off and everyone would make their excuses and leave. We rarely did anything that we spent time talking about. It took us weeks to agree a weekend plan and six months to agree on a holiday destination!!!

I get it. Some people like to day dream, they like to 'talk' about the what if's, the possibilities and the if only's. I get bored of those people. No offense meant! I have and always will be someone who follows through, does what they say they will and finds a way. When I met Laura we had trips booked within days of talking about them. We had plans and we completed them. We booked to move to Australia for a year within a week of the initial discussion (over a Nandos, of course!) We are still like that. Like I said in our wedding video - 'I can't believe we are finally here after a year of planning'. We plan it and we get it done.

Growing up my parents were the same. While school friends spent holidays at home, we drove the length of the country or went on countless day trips. If we saw something that looked interesting we did it. We never sat back and wished. And it wasn't because we had cash to spare, it was because my parents wanted to make sure we experienced things - even if it was on a budget. They got sh*t done.

Laura grew up with parents who had the very same mentality. They did lots of traveling, moved three times, and put Laura and her brother into afternoon activities, taking them to different cities and states to compete, etc. I think our upbringings are what makes my wife and I so alike in our approach to life. 

The reason that the post challenged me was because of late we have drifted from 'getting sh*t done' to procrastinating....we get there, just later than we should. We book things....after a few weeks. We agree plans.....eventually. We get on with our exercise and diet plan.....occasionally. And it's frustrating. I think part of it is because we were knocked for six with the news of Laura's Mum and so our focus was on making sure we (and especially Laura) were there and okay (both in person and on the phone). Part of it is because we owe money from our wedding/house purchase so our spending has been curbed. And I think being busy at work has given us less time still. They are all valid excuses. But in part there is no denying it, it has also just been laziness. 

However, we are slowly getting back to our former glory. This weekend we managed to arrange a road trip for the up and coming bank holiday - Scotland here we come - and we finalised our route for our American road trip in October! More on that at a later date, I'm sure. 

The thing is, the more sh*t we get done the better we feel. It's like a vicious cycle - only opposite - the more we do the more we get done, the more we get done the more we do. And so from here on in we are getting sh*t done. We will see this year out on a high and it will be awesome. We will show up, be on time, be motivated and most importantly we will get back to being those people.

Well that's the plan :)


  1. I do this with my exercising and eating healthy... I just get it done... I hope it spills over into the rest of life.. I like hearing that this will grow if I keep it up... inspiring ♡

  2. Ha! this is our motto at work: #gsd. We put it on every email or note when we finish a project. It is true that those who constantly accomplish are thought of with high regard. Lauri and I have found that gsd in our personal lives becomes difficult as we continue to advance in our career's, have more responsibilities at work, financial commitments, etc. We still travel, have date nights and spontaneous adventures, just not as frequently. :)


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