Saturday, 10 November 2012

This Happened Today!!

So this happened today!

But more importantly that happened with this beautiful lady:

and my Mum came too! It's fair to say that 6 months ago I never thought today would have been possible! It's been almost 4 years but finally I was able to spend the day with two of my favourite people.

It was over 2 years ago that I first told my Mum about Laura and I and if you have read my past posts (HERE) you will know that it turned into one of the worst days of my life. 

To think that after all of the hatred, drama and upset that differences could be set aside to spend a whole day together gives me some sense of hope. I am not naive enough to think that my parents have completed a 180 and are now ready to accept us but I really hope we are heading that way.

Getting to this point is down to two things as far as I can see. 

1) Laura, and her amazing love for me. I mean how much must you love someone to take a whole heap of abuse and still turn up, smile and be a perfect daughter-in-law-to-be?! I tell you I am so incredibly grateful, thankful and in awe of just how amazing she is. 

2) My Mum. I'm not sure if someone (most likely my sister) had 'words' or the fact that my parents have moved house from their local area but something has changed. I hope it is permanent. Over the past 3 months my Mum has been nothing but pleasant, welcoming and supportive. And then willingly spent the whole day with us and not just at a show! We actually sat and had dinner and chatted for 2 hours. 

As I say I hope it's permanent, I am well aware that change can happen both positively and negatively so incredibly quickly and for so many reasons. I could write a whole post on reasons I think things may have shifted but I am scared to look into too much detail. What if the reason is the fact that my sister now has a boyfriend?! Maybe my parents will feel less like they failed if one daughter settles down with a man and gets married. Who knows!!

All I know is right now, as Christmas approaches I am holding my breath. Holding it because 2 Christmas's ago I sat down with my family to try to find a solution to 'the situation of me dating a girl', a day that saw me agree that I would tell NO-ONE in my family or family circle about Laura and I. An agreement that also banned ALL mentioned of us as a couple on Facebook. Bans that are still in place!

Then last Christmas was a day divided. A day that meant I had Christmas Eve day with my family, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Laura and Christmas afternoon and Boxing Day with the family. Not the best way to spend any Christmas day - with me torn in two.

This Christmas we are heading to Idaho. A day spent entirely with Laura and her family and I can't wait. The very least I can do is give the love of my life the whole day. The whole Christmas period! Bring it on. And if I get one Christmas wish it is that all Christmas's from here on in are undivided. Lets hope the change is permanent with my parents.


  1. That's awesome!!! So hopeful! Your mom seems to be realizing that her love for you is much stronger than her distain of your gay-ness. :) yay!!

  2. I will hope and pray that this change will be permanent for you two.

  3. I totally understand how you feel about having Christmas divided because I'm having to spend Christmas with my family this year, for the third Christmas in a row, while Shelby stays home I'm Michigan with her family! It's awful to have to please both sides when really no one is happy! I just pray that next year is different because this will be the last year I will spend Christmas without my love! Wishing you all the best over the holidays!



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