Sunday, 4 November 2012

Welcome to November!

We hope you are having a great weekend!!

We decided against going out for Fireworks Night yesterday, because it was too cold to be enjoyable, and BOY are we glad that we did!! We were cuddling, watching Saturday night TV, when we noticed we could see fireworks from our balcony!

Sarah even got Laura to watch Ghost for the first time.

We spent the rest of the evening snuggled in PJs and blankets, with a nice hot chocolate, watching four different fireworks displays across the river, including a private one at the Hurlingham Club, and the Battersea Park ones, which you have to pay to be admitted!

It was stunning, warm and a great surprise. We will definitely remember this for next year, and stay in unless we head to Lewes!!

Over the last week we've put together a few videos from our trip to Egypt and Thailand in August. So exciting because we thought we'd lost the camera charger :)

The first video is our 24 hour trip to Cairo, Egypt. It was an incredible experience and a wonderful trip - we loved Cairo, the pyramids, and our tour company, Memphis Tours!!

Then we've put together our trip the next evening, the night we arrived in Thailand, to the Full Moon Party!! 30,000+ people on one island, drinking out of buckets and dancing the night away under the full moon - it was like nothing we'd ever experienced before!

(warning; This contains a short burst of swearing (not from either of us :)) 

We have a few more videos to make of our trip to Thailand, which was incredible and well worth the VERY long time between holidays :)

Speaking of holidays, we are so excited to only have 40 days left until we head to Idaho for Christmas!! You'll be hearing more about the trip as it gets closer.

Can you believe that it's November - officially the start of the Christmas season for us! Only 3 weeks until our second annual Thanksmas, and only 6 weeks until home - we are already writing our Christmas cards this weekend, and preparing - for the first time ina  long time we actually feel organised!!

Tuesday is of course the Presidential elections!! With that in mind, we'd like you to VOTE and consider the below:

Laura has already done her duty and voted, so please join her!! Remember if you don't vote you can't complain for the next 4 years!


  1. Amazing videos! I can't believe it how amazing both Cairo and the party were for you, and I got bitten by a huge travel bug just a moment ago, thanks to you two :D!

  2. The two of you inspire me to want to travel even more that I already wanted to... there is so much beauty in the world waiting for me to see it.

    The fireworks were amazing, so nice that you could see them from the comfort of your home:)


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