Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What We Love Wednesdays! Feeling the Love!

For those of you who have followed our story from the start of this blog you may remember we we used to do a 'What We Love Wednesday' every week. Things we love included everything from Whole Foods to Mustaches from Diet Coke to Powerful Women. I'm not sure why we stopped (time?) but on this Wednesday I thought I'd do a really quick 2015 kick-off  'What We Love Wednesday'!

If you want to check out the full list of old posts they are all here:

It is fair to say that 2015 will see a lot of changes and our biggest change to date is becoming a family of 3. Our latest addition has taken over our world and we are totally in love. So far raising Bisbee has taken complete team work so my first What I Love This Wednesday is this wonderful wife of mine who makes the best partner I could have asked for:

The second love is Bisbee, well right now a sleeping Bisbee as it's the only time I don't have to run around like a mad woman protecting her from things she shouldn't eat - I'm already a laptop cable down, the clever thing worked out if she kept jumping and pulling stuff from the table she could make everything fall and get to the cable of her dreams!

I'm also very grateful to our back up team, currently that's my Mum but we know over time that will include our other family members, neighbours, friends and doggy day care!

So the last What I Love goes to this wonderful system:

Through Skype calls we have been able to introduce Bisbee to her family around the world, now she knows her name it is so cute watching her figure out who is talking and seeing her react when she figures out it's the screen calling her.

I know we have spoken about how important this blog has been for us keeping family and friends updated but Skype really is our life line when it comes to feeling that much closer to loved ones that are just too far away!

So 2015 is definitely starting with a lot of love and we have to thank our little Bisbee for that, I never realised quite how quickly she would completely change everything but she has given us a positive focus to get through the challenging next few weeks.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Happy New Year girls.. your Bisbee is adorable... they do love to get into things :) I love Skype too.. I really need to use it more often, I love seeing my grandson on it and now I have a granddaughter on the way in April ... I am going to have to make the time as I want to see their cute little faces :) xox


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