Friday, 29 January 2016

Yosemite National Park - USA Road Trip Part 5

On our way from Las Vegas to San Francisco, we drove through Yosemite as we'd heard it was absolutely stunning - and we'd have to agree! Though it was a whistle-stop tour (just a few hours in the park as we had welcome drinks in San Fran that evening), we managed to see the Half Dome and plenty of other mountains, trees, lakes, and bear warnings (sadly no bears though!! Gutted!).

Here's some of our favourite photos we took there - we got a beautiful day for it!!


 Sadly there was a section of forest by the Half Dome that was on fire - and we didn't realise until we were driving through it, convertible roof down, getting smothered by smoke! The firemen said we had to keep moving and couldn't stop, so we couldn't put the top up. We must have looked like such fools!! Mum said we smelled of smoke when we arrived in San Francisco - driving through a forest fire was definitely an experience!

And then, after a stop for roadtrip supplies, we headed on up to San Francisco!!

With a much dirtier car - it was no longer white!

On the open road...

We got caught in an hour's worth of traffic on the Bay Bridge - luckily the view of the Bay was BEAUTIFUL and the sun was shining. I got a sunburned forehead (great news for the wedding the next day), and Sarah kept reaching the camera on the selfie stick out the car to get some sunny pics!!

Next stop - San Francisco, my wonderful parents, and some of our best friends!!


  1. It's so great that you could at least stop by there for a little while. .. too bad about the fire, wow... it can definitely be a strong smell to get rid of... I hope there wasn't too much damage to the forest xox

  2. Your photos are gorgeous!!
    I really hope I can visit Yosemite one day!

  3. Wow! Stunning pictures. My husband and I recently heard about Yosemite and now we really wish to visit. We are in India and for now it looks like one end of the world but some day for sure. Thank you for telling me again that I cannot miss this place in this life :)


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