Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Three STRANGEST First Trimester Symptoms

Well, somehow we are now over 16 weeks - solidly into the second trimester! It's absolutely flown!

Now that they have calmed down a little, I thought I'd look back on the three most surprising side effects of Sarah's first trimester. I am so glad Sarah hasn't been very ill, but at the same time have loved her having pregnancy symptoms - they are reassuring in those early weeks before the 12 week scan, where we wanted to make sure that Tater Tot was still in there and growing! Also, we have been together for nine years this March, and for so much of that time I have been excited for Sarah to be pregnant, so it really feels like a dream come true! She is every bit as adorable as a pregnant woman as I thought she'd be. A bit gassier than I imagined (haha), but still cute.

So, without further ado, the weirdest first trimester symptoms Sarah had - listed from least to most adorable.

1. Vivid AF dreams

This symptom is unfortunately the one that hasn't gone away, and we've been told may not go away at all until baby is here! Sarah's dreams have become more and more vivid over the last few weeks. She can sleep for hours but not properly rest because she is in the middle of the most realistic dreams - sometimes properly mundane, but she can remember every detail, and sometimes really odd, like the other day she recanted a tale of how she was whale watching with my dad! Often when we wake up I will ask Sarah what she dreamed about, and five minutes later she's still telling me!

I've come up with a new nighttime routine that so far is working a bit to help her - we put on spa music to relax Sarah, I give her a shoulder/back massage, then I rub Bio Oil onto her belly. It definitely makes it easier to fall asleep on both our parts!

2. The Nap-master

Before our two week wait was up when we could test to see if Sarah was pregnant, we had an inkling that we were - and all because of one little thing. Naps.

Sarah never fell asleep on the couch before this, or at random times in the day. But all of a sudden, she was always snoozing. Constantly asleep! I spent many an evening from October until very recently by myself while Sarah and Bisbee slept beside me.

The first time she fell asleep was so surprising to me, I took a selfie of myself with her! And so it began, until I'd documented all 29 naps she has had so far since becoming pregnant. Naps in two different countries, four different houses, and a pub!

And much to Sarah's dismay, I put them in a video - enjoy! We both commented at how often we wear the same clothes when lounging, but it's a funny memory anyway.

3. Cry Me A River

Anyone who knows Sarah well knows that she is not a cryer. She is logical, balanced, not emotionally-led (the realist to my dreamer!), and hardly ever overreacts to things. My opposite, essentially. But to be honest, my favourite side-effect of pregnancy has been that she cried SO MUCH during the first trimester - at really cute things.

So, I know nobody will be surprised here, I created a list. A list of all the crying sessions she had in her first trimester.

Possibly my favourite one, looking at the list below, is 8th December 2017 - we were shopping in Sainsburys, and I'd forgotten something, so Sarah went to the entrance to wait for me while I picked up our forgotten item. When I saw her after checking out, she was bawling - by the flowers in Sainsburys. I ran to her, thinking something had happened - she cried at me 'THEY ARE WEARING SANTA HATS!' It turned out that she'd seen an advertisement on the Sainsbury's notice board that our local animal shelter was having an open day, and they'd photographed the animals in Santa hats.

My other favourite was the 23rd December 2017, when she cried about three wildly different things in the span of ten minutes, including some tear shed at how the Scotch egg is a marvel of cooking genius!

Sarah's Preggo Cries
1st Nov 2017 6:45am - Sarah cried about a dream she had that her Nan was in
1st Nov 2017 (5 mins later) - Sarah cried that she will miss time with me when the baby comes
3rd Nov 2017 7pm - Sarah cried at an explanation of love on Celebrity First Dates
3rd Nov 2017 8:30pm - Sarah cried that I have more friends than she does
4th Nov 2017 1:00pm - Sarah cried that she had such a great childhood
9th Nov 2017 8:00pm - Sarah cried when one of the girls on Bad Habits said how her mum is her hero
6th Dec 2017 7:30pm - Sarah cried at First Dates again
8th Dec 2017 8:00pm - Sarah cried that the local Animal Rescue Centre is having an open day 'Find your pet in time for Christmas' (they were wearing Santa hats) 
15th Dec 2017 2:30pm - Sarah - inexplicable crying at a bagel "too tired to eat"
17th Dec 2017 6:30pm - Sarah was emotional at 'Merry Christmas Everybody' sung by Rainbow Voices
23rd Dec 2017 3:15pm - Sarah (and I) can't have Camembert at Christmas
23rd Dec 2017 (5 mins later) - Sarah cried that the scotch egg is a marvel of cooking genius
23rd Dec 2017 (5 mins after that) - Sarah cried that the baby will have experienced how great Bisbee is and then will have to lose her when Bis dies
6th Jan 2018 3:00pm - Sarah cried reading her school poetry (Not sad poetry)
7th Jan 2018 10:30am - Sarah had a cold shower due to two people in showers at the same time
14th Jan 2018 7:45pm - Sarah cried at 'Look Who's Talking Now' when the family were going to get rid of Rocks the dog
14th Jan 2018 (30 mins later) - Sarah cried at 'Look Who's Talking Now' when the family got to keep Rocks the dog!

So there you go, the strangest three first trimester symptoms!

Hope it's given you a giggle - we are really enjoying this pregnancy journey so far!

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  1. I love reading your blog posts and now it's went up a notch by letting us all share your amazing pregnancy journey.
    Would you share how you chose who would be the carrier of your precious bundle? My Partner & I can never decide who will chose what's for dinner!!

    1. Thanks Annemaree! We decided on age before beauty - I (Sarah) am 5 years older than Laura so my window of opportunity is shorter. If we look to have a second it's quite likely Laura will carry it :)

  2. This is probably my favorite post! I loved the nap montage and the documentation of crying episodes. lol Hilarious!!! And so wonderful to have as a keepsake of this experience!
    I remember when Rebeca was first pregnant, she'd come home from work and in the span of 5 minutes she would laugh, cry, be angry and then pass out on the couch. I would have whiplash from all the emotion. LOL

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Stacy! I can see this post being shared in years to come....i'm just glad the video speeds through as sleeping isn't the most attractive pose :)

  3. I love the tear fest list! I ugly cried constantly in both pregnancies. Everything was so intensely felt...😂

    1. Haha I feel like I should have expected it more but as you can tell it was random things - I never knew I felt that way about a scotch egg :D

  4. I only discovered I had emotions when I became pregnant with my first child. (32 years ago) I'm crying at every tiny little thing since!
    Oh by the way......the naps are for keeps too! 😉
    Congrats you two. You'll be amazing parents!

    1. Aw thanks Gloria. Thank you for the warning that the crying will continue :)


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