Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Welcome, Goodbye and Hope To See You Again!

Why hello there, thanks for stopping by!

This will be our last and final post on our SarahplusLaura home, we've moved! Not too far I might add but to somewhere with a little more space, freedom to be ourselves and we think somewhere a little more fitting.

So come and find us at:

With the arrival of Annabelle we realised that 'Sarah plus Laura' was no longer our identifier, we are Sarah plus Laura, plus Annabelle plus Bisbee.....it's not quite so catchy. Our new name gives us space to grow.....

If you want to follow along with our new adventures, see where we are now or check out our latest content just click here: http://www.thesmithstory.co.uk, we'd love to see you!

We have also updated all our social media accounts to The Smith Story so come say hi on whatever account you are using. 

SarahplusLaura has given us so much, thank you for being part of it. For reading, for sharing your comments and thoughts, for the emails, the stories - for it all. We will be migrating content over to The Smith Story gradually so it won't all be lost.

We will still be at sarahpluslaura@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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