Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Girls Behind The Blog - Our First Ever Vlog!!

Okay, be proud of us.
We just made our very first vlog!!!
At 11pm.
On a Tuesday.
And there wasn't even much complaining about our faces (Laura) and our accents (Sarah)!

We are participating in the Girl Behind the Blog Vlog Linkup, hosted by Erin & Ashley.

Thanks girls, it is a lovely idea!

What do you think??
Now you'll never get us off video!!

Laura & Sarah xo

PS. There were some pretty HIlarious outtakes. We will be posting a blooper reel in the next few days!
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Also, February Photo-A-Day!!

We are participating in February's Photo-A-Day (see the rules, subjects and Days 1-3 

Day 6. Dinner - 

Spag & meatballs!!! Need I say more? (For those interested, the recipe is coming up Monday - check Laura's Tips & Recipes from an UN-Domestic Goddess section!)

Day 7. Button - 

Hey, it's our blog button!! Clever, right? You can find it on the side of our blog, you know, if you want to use it! :)


  1. You ladies are adorable! We totally dig the British accent. :) Keep up the awesome job on the blog. We love reading it.
    - Alli and Anna

    1. Thanks so much girls!! Sarah 'doesn't like her voice in videos' so she was pretty excited to see this haha!!

      We love reading your blog too - though we haven't seen the new Glee, so we can't look at your post about it yet!! ;)

      Laura xo

  2. Thanks for joining in the fun ladies! :)

  3. You girls are so cute! I love that you travel so much.. I would love to travel more. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks so much, we enjoyed doing it - lots of bloopers though haha!! We'll look out for more linkups! :)

      Laura & Sarah xo

  4. Good jobs girls! Though, you were right, I didn't like hearing that you have given up the gym for the world of blogging - especially in a vlog! ;D Just kidding - you do whatever makes you happy! Love youz! Mum xxxx

  5. Love the vlog! I do wish this blinking computer wouldn't keep changing it to clog though!

    You can see how much you adore each other, the way you keep looking at each other throughout :) cuteness!

    Look forward to seeing more vlogs and of course posts

    Lauren xx

    1. Thanks so much L!! We're so glad you liked it!!

      Laura & Sarah xo

  6. love you vlog.... :) Laura' accent is soooo cute...
    have already grabbed your button and put it on our blog.....


  7. What a FUN are both adorable!!! Love the British vs. American accents! Lovely blog!

    Liesl :)


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