Sunday, 20 May 2012

What's Happening, Hot Stuff?? A Lasting Memento!

As you may have seen this week, we got the news on Thursday that Laura's contract is not being renewed at the company where we both work - it really will be the end of our world as we know it- so as we start our last 2 weeks working together (*sob*) we thought it was about time to post our 'Day In The Life' video. It was made earlier this month, on our only sunny day, and shows well a Day in OUR life! So sit back and enjoy a trip to work in Victoria, London - if you look closely you can even see our shout out to NoH8!

While we appreciate the fact that we have been so incredibly lucky to have the last 9 months working for the same company, the hard part to deal with is the fact that for the majority of our relationship we have worked together - we are used to having breakfast together, loo breaks together, lunch together and tea breaks together! A hug in the lift can make any crappy day seem a million times better and to know that it's ending is the worst.

Thank you for the kind words and lovely messages - we are hoping that something turns up soon - and while we're not sure it will be for the better (unless Laura can find a company with a job opening for Sarah :) ) we can always look back and appreciate the time we did have together! Sarah has decided the lift is a no-go though - too many fond memories of stolen kisses & hugs! The other choice is to trial it and if it sucks pack up the old kit back and head for the sun again; Australia was a good choice last time!

Sarah & Laura

P.S. Please help GSNs marriage appeal via@gaystarnews -the bill would allow couples like us2marry! 


  1. Love it - brought tears to my eyes! Love you girls! Mum xxxx

  2. What a cute video :) We do the same thing and snuggle up under the blanket lol. Hope you find something soon :) xx

  3. This video made me think of the gay marriage argument and the "it's not gay marriage, I didn't have gay lunch today, it was just lunch" quote. If people who are biased, homophobic, or just ignorant (not in the hateful way, just the misinformed way) would take the the time to watch this video, or other "day in the life" videos for same sex couples, and could see how we are all really just the same - this is the life for any committed couple, gay or straight. I thought it was really beautiful - thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Jealous of your flat :-)

  4. I never got the chance to write this earlier but I loved this video of you two! The end reminds me of how Stephanie and I spend most of our nights, making dinner and then snuggling on the couch watching TV. She also snoozes her alarm clock every morning =o)
    <3 C

  5. Brought tears to my eyes! Beautiful :)


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