Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Most EPIC Presidential Election Ever!!! Obama 2012

Hey all, Laura here...
America - HELL YEAH
When I first moved to England, it was towards the end of Bush's presidency. I quickly noticed that when people met me, and realised I was American, instantly they'd ask me, with judgement, if I voted for Bush (I did not.) - this happened on an almost daily basis. The British public just couldn't wrap their heads around what kind of country could elect that guy... twice. And to be honest, I didn't get it either. So over that year, I separated myself as much as possible from my American-ness (you know, besides the accent) - and the USA became more like that gun-toting, bigoted drunk uncle I don't want to invite to parties in case he embarrasses himself (and me).

But then, there was Obama (and, of course the wonderful Hillary). A beacon of hope, of change - imagine having a president who knew where other countries were, who wasn't constantly making the USA a laughingstock - and who wanted to better the lives of all people, not just middle class and wealthy white people?

The whole campaign was so inspiring and positive. By the time Obama was elected, I think it's fair to say the entire continent of Europe was pretty much in love with him (including me, and most people in the USA under the age of 40).

And honestly, he hasn't disappointed me. Absolutely, some promises that were made weren't completely kept, but the President did the very best he could with the absolute mess left from 8 years of Bush. He had attempted to make healthcare more affordable, created jobs, protected women's rights, and 'evolved' on the issue of gay rights. He did a LOT in his first four years.

Over his term, I became increasingly proud to be American - something I honestly did not feel often growing up. I loved my bigoted gun toting drunk uncle USA as much as I didn't want to, but over the last four years that picture of it changed - I've seen strides made for all sorts of wonderful improvements, from the repeal of DADT to Obamacare, from reversing the rise in unemployment to cutting taxes for the middle class, from stopping Bin Laden to ending the war in Iraq, from making college more affordable to signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act, from the return of the auto industry to becoming the first President to support marriage equality.

Why all he back story, you ask? Turns out I am very long winded when it comes to Obama. But I can honestly say that now, and for the last few years, I am proud to be an American. I'm proud of our progress, I'm proud of our recovery (though slow) from the economic crisis, and I'm proud of the acceptance and tolerance shown by most people I know in my really Right-wing state of my relationship with Sarah. And it's amazing.

So, for the last month I've been a nervous wreck. Romney would have taken all this progress and crumpled it up, threw it out the window. A Romney presidency would have shown the world that we don't care about our women, our poor, our racial minorities, our LGBTs. It would have sent the message that men who think babies resulting from rape are 'God's will' and that women's bodies 'shut down' when they are 'legitimately' raped *shakes head*. And that the USA will vote for someone despite them telling lies at every turn. So it's fair to say I was shit scared. The blood would drain from my face every time someone would ask me about the election. Could I go back to a life of being disappointed in my country?

So when my mum wrote on my Facebook wall at 4:30am this morning and my phone vibrated -

We couldn't believe our eyes. The nightmare was over!! OBAMA HAD WON!!!!!! We jumped out of bed, danced around together, and cried. It was just the most incredible news.

And it just got better and better.

Not only was President Barack Obama re-elected, but it was a GIANT election for women's rights and LGBT rights.

There are now 21 women in the Senate - the highest number there have ever been.

Do you remember the 'legitimate god's will rape' guys? They lost their seats... to women.

The first ever openly gay Senator was elected. And she is a woman. And she is awesome.

Her House of Reps seat was taken by an openly gay man - making this the first time a gay person has succeeded a gay person in government.

3 more states legalised gay marriage - for the first time, by popular vote - Maryland, Maine and Washington (we love Washington!)

Minnesota also helped the cause by voting against a proposition that would define marriage in their constitution as between a man and woman.

2 states legalised marijuana for recreational use (Washington again and Colorado)

I mean.... how much cooler can the USA get??? We've gone from crazy drunk uncle to awesome protective big brother.

Just Obama. Chilling on a unicorn. Spreading equality. BAMF.
Sarah and I have been very emotional today, partially because of how extremely early we got up this morning, but mostly because of what Obama's win means to us (and to a lot of you dear readers!). President Obama has promised to legalise gay marriage federally. This would mean that Sarah and I could potentially move back to Idaho or Washington, to realise my dream of raising kids in the Pacific Northwest with the one I love the most. It means, more pressingly, that whether it's legal or not at the time, when Sarah and I get married in the next few years in Idaho, it will be with the support of our President and our country. And because of the support from the government, vendors, family, friends - everyone is more likely to be open, accepting and supportive of our love and relationship.

The President being re-elected means that gay children will grow up knowing that in fact, it really does get better, and kids who might have been bullies with another influence, might instead not pick on the gay kids. It means that little girls can grow up to be anything they dream of being, without worrying about having to leave early to cook dinner for their husband and children (unless that's their choosing, of course!) The whole country will continue on this path to being a leading nation once again.

What does Obama's big win mean to you?

Thank you for voting!!


  1. Fabulous post and OH HELL YEAH OBAMA!!!

    Also, Oregon always welcomes you! Or at least we will in 2014, fingers and toes crossed.

    I, of course, welcome you well before 2014.

  2. The only thing I can say is....I am proud to be an American!!! We took a huge step in the right direction. I can not wait for the day Meaghn & I are able to get married in Michigan. <3


  3. Seriously AMAZING! I started to let the doubt sneak in a bit on Tuesday morning. I started to think about the many, MANY ways my life and my family’s life would change if that tool bag, Mitt were elected. Now it all seems like a bad dream that THANKFULLY didn’t come true! Obama is our president and all is right in the world.


  4. Everything about this topic has been bringing me to tears! I am so grateful to have a president like Obama and am so excited about the progress that was made on Tuesday!

  5. I was so grateful that Obama was re-elected... this unfortunately has divided me from my oldest daughter... she cannot stand Obama due to the healthcare issue. She wanted me to never post anything good about Obama... I told her I couldn't promise that, she has cut me off... I hope she will come around.

    I know Obama will be wonderful for the US, he seriously loves his wife, his children and the country with all his heart, he is and has done his best, that is all any of us can ask from him.

    I will pray for him, pray that he will make the best decisions for the the country to lead it into a happier time and place:)

    I am thrilled for you two, thank you so much for posting girls, amazing as usual :)

    1. Wow it's incredible the impact politics can have on a family! Here in the UK there is a real apathy about government, which is a shame. No-one would wake up at 4am in a foreign country to find out the results that's for sure.

      I hope as Obama implements changes your daughter will start to see benefits for herself and come around. From what I have read Romney's policies would have impacted those outside the top 1% negatively.

      Thank you for sharing your experience though, it's really eye-opening.


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