Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Rant + How Everything Comes Down to Equal Marriage

I've noticed over the last few months, since the lead-up to the US election that everything is about one thing for me - marriage equality.

As one half of an engaged lesbian couple looking to get married next year, of course it makes sense that it's a big issue for me, but I can say that marriage equality has a hand in pretty much everything these days.

For instance, who did I support in the Super Bowl this year (you know, besides Beyonce)? Leading up to it I wanted the San Francisco 49ers to win, because I've been a West Coaster (mostly) for most of my life, and because San Fran is the Brighton of the USA (it's gay!). However, a few days before the big game, a few members of the team said in the press they did not make their It Gets Better video, or in fact that it wasn't an anti-gay bullying video, just anti-bullying. One player who appears in the video denied being in it!! How ridiculous, and how disappointing, from a team whose city represents acceptance, love and revolution towards the LGBT community.

So instead, I was for the Ravens, who come from a state where gay marriage is legal, and whose player, Brendon Ayanbadejo, has proudly been a part of the NOH8 campaign. And hey, they won!

I mean, how amazing is this guy? He's actually used the publicity from his Super Bowl win to speak out for more support for marriage equality.

Our hero! We need more awesome allies like Brendon at the height of their careers coming out in support of equality!!

I choose not to purchase music or support in any way music from anyone who is caught doing/saying homophobic things *cough* Chris Brown *cough* (to be fair, he's just horrible to everyone) and instead I support awesome bands and artists who are actively pro-equality, like Lady Gaga, Fun. and Macklemore.

I'm much more likely to support brands like JC Penney and Mamas and Papas who use gay couples and people in their ads, and to boycott those like Chic-Fil-A who support hate and bigotry.

I've been watching the equal marriage debate in Parliament for the last 3 hours, hell I'd be down there if I wasn't currently in bed with a chest infection, so instead I'm listening and writing down the places I will never go, and places I will frequent more often to spend my money.

You could argue that there is no reason not to go to Christchurch or Aldershot based on the horrid and outdated views of their MP, but as they are supposed to be the representatives of their communities, why should we, as gay people and/or supporters, waste our time and money heading to these places for holidays, to support local businesses.

On the other hand, we really do have some great places and MPs in this country. Battersea, Tottenham, Finchley, Arundel, and heck Croydon is looking much more appealing than it did pre-debate. And Fulham's MP voted yes!! Yay!!

I don't believe that I'm alone in this. I think that, gay or straight, the issue of equality is a big one now around the world - and I think that voices on the wrong side of history are starting to leave a bad taste in people's mouths. I'm not really sure why I wrote this post, except that I believe the tide is turning, in the USA as well as the UK, it is more beneficial for people as well as companies to be on the right side of the marriage equality debate.

Update, fantastic news - the debate was successful, we won 400 to 175!! SO excited!! Can't WAIT until we can be legally married in the UK!!


  1. YAY for the UK!!!!!!!
    So excited for you two!! :)

  2. Very well said Laura! Also this video should be played at any future debate because the right to legally marry someone you love, despite their sex, literally impacts your whole future together.



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