Monday, 4 March 2013

Our Wedding: Meet Our Bridesmaids!!

One of the first things we decided when getting engaged was who we wanted in our bridal party. We are very lucky to have some really amazing friends scattered across the globe, so set about figuring out how to best invite them to be our best ladies!

You may have seen on Instagram yesterday, we made some awesome bridesmaid boxes to give them - full of goodies from Idaho, and information about our wedding. When we are at home over Christmas we solicited Laura's wonderful Mum to help us paint the boxes, decorate them, and Laura's Dad to drive us around town picking up things to go inside them! It was a family effort, and we really think it paid off!!

So now we would love nothing more than to introduce everyone (and record for ourselves) our beautiful and lovely bridesmaids!

We are so happy to have such an amazing group of women by us - and we are so excited that they all said yes!! We're going to have so much fun!!


  1. Love, LOVE this! Gorgeous bridal party! xo

    1. Also love that Sarah and Lauren are part of your party! Congrats ladies! These wedding photos will be epic! xox

  2. So excited to read all of your wedding posts, this one actually made me tear up a bit... It's wonderful to read how excited you are! xx


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